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Judge Reeves

Chief Superior Court Judge of the Middle Judicial Circuit Robert Reeves has been brought up on formal charges with the Judicial Qualifications Commission by the Director of the Commission Charles Boring. Boring has asked that an investigation in the allegations against Judge Reeves be reviewed to determine whether Judge Reeves conduct constitutes a violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct.

The 56-page complaint filed on November 16 alleges several questionable actions including that the Superior Court Judge used verbiage from the bench that could have been considered demeaning and derogatory to the person to whom it was directed. In addition, the complaint alleges that Judge Reeves once stated to a jailer regarding inmates who were in the courtroom at the time of a lunch break that [quote] “You mean we have to feed these people?”  [end quote] meaning the inmates.

The allegations against Judge Reeves don’t stop at comments supposedly  made toward civilians in court. They also reflect on courtroom personnel including female attorneys, one in particular that seemed to be the object of flattery and unwanted comments and actions from the Judge. Regarding other female attorneys, the complaint leans totally in the opposition direction, and alleges that the Judge even made a comment that one needed to decide whether she wanted to be an attorney or a mother as she couldn’t be both.

Another allegation from the complaint focuses on Judge Reeves participation in a fundraiser for The Sunshine House, a child advocacy center that represents victims in all five counties in the Middle Judicial Circuit.

The 56-page complaint includes 58 counts against the judge, but many are repetitive. Bear in mind that at this time, they are only allegations and should not be deemed as factual until such time as the Judicial Qualifications Commission has completed their investigation and rendered a decision.

Judge Reeves has been a Superior Court Judge in the Middle Judicial Circuit since 2007 and was name the Chief Judge in 2020 when then Chief Judge Kathy S. Palmer retired.

Director Boring considers the allegations against Judge Reeves as “Willful misconduct” and Habitual intemperance.”

Judge Reeves is represented by Lester S. Tate, III, of akin & Tate PC, in Cartersville, GA.

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