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Indian Star

(L to R): Caily Oliver, JaQuan Johnson, Shannon Collins, and VHS Principal Bruce Mulkey

When three teenagers at Vidalia High School sprang into action to help a visitor who had taken a fall, they didn’t do it for recognition. But the quick responses of JaQuan Johnson, Shannon Collins, and Caily Oliver did earn them each an Indian Star Award Tuesday night at the September meeting of the Vidalia City Board of Education.

Superintendent Dr. Garrett Wilcox said, “so many times all you hear is negative about teenagers. Tonight, we’re recognizing three of our students and it pleases me that we have the opportunity to do this.”

VHS Principal Bruce Mulkey said during a United Way event at the school, a representative from the Red Cross became entangled in her own feet and feel to the floor. The woman was taken by ambulance from the school to the hospital.

“We had approximately 50 guests on campus that day and when we watched the video, we were able to see firsthand what these students did,” Mulkey said, “and we couldn’t be prouder of the way they reacted. Our kids jumped in there not only t make sure she was okay, but they went and got help.”

Mindy Morrison witnessed the prompt response of the students and brought it to the attention of the administration.

Morrison said, “It was an incredible response by these students. I’m sure it was not comfortable for them. It was a serious accident right front of them. They responded in such a way that they need to be praised for that; that was a big deal.”

The Indian Star Award was created to recognize individuals for their exemplary and inspiring roles within the schools and community.

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