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OFFICE: (912) 537-9203
FAX: (912) 537-4477
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Animal overpopulation is a problem everywhere including in Vidalia. Animal rescues for dogs and cats are filled with pets who are looking for good homes. April Braddy is over the Vidalia Animal Shelter and while she and her staff do all they can to save lives, there’s only so much they can do.

“We used to adopt up to 60 dogs a month; now we’re lucky is we do 2 or 3,” Braddy said. “Our adoption have fallen way off. We have a lot of lab mixes and bulldog mixes, and some of them have been tagged to go to Brooklyn and Baddass Animal Rescue, but we don’t know when they will get them because they simply don’t have room for them.

Braddy said that people who mean well often try to bring pets to the animal control facility, but there’s something you should know about that.

“My suggestion is if you see a stray, call us,” she said. “If you put that dog in your vehicle and you don’t live in the city limits of Vidalia we can’t take it. If you take that animal, it becomes your responsibility.”

The Vidalia Animal Control is under the umbrella of the City of Vidalia Police Department.

Remember: It’s always better to adopt than to shop. If you’re looking for a new best friend, contact the Vidalia Animal Shelter at 912-537-8866, the Sweet Onion Animal Protection Society at sweetonionaps.org; Sweet Onion Kitten Club on Facebook or go to petfinder.com

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