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Within our immediate area, there are several prisons, and contraband in possession of inmates is always being found. Among those items are cell phones. But now Georgia’s Attorney General Chris Carr wants to do something about that.

On Tuesday, Carr urged the Federal Communications Commission to take immediate action to allow for the use of cell phone jamming devices within state prisons and local jails. Currently, the FCC prohibits cell phone jamming, and that extends to state and local government.

In a letter drafted by Carr to the FCC, the Attorney General stresses that contraband cell phones continue to be used to plan and orchestrate violent attacks and other criminal activity within the walls of prisons and jails, and by doing so, puts the safety of correctional officers, visitors, other inmates and the public at- large in danger.

According to Carr, in 2023, 8,075 cell phones were confiscated from inmates, and already in 2024, there have been 5,482 seized. He notes in his correspondence to Federal Communications Commission that such a device was used at Smith State Prison in Glennville just a few years ago where an inmate used a cell phone to order a “hit” on a Correctional Officer, but those who were ordered to conduct the murder went to the wrong house and killed an innocent elderly man.

Carr says the FCC’s policy not to jam cell phones dates back to a statute enacted in the early 1990’s , years before prison inmates began using contraband cell phones, and writes in his letter to  the FCC that it should update its guidance regarding cell phone jamming in penal institutions to [quote] “further our efforts to keep people safe.” [end quote]

Carr’s urgency to utilize jamming technology is supported by Georgia Department of Corrections Commissioner Tyrone Oliver.

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