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We’ve all heard about it even if we have not actually gotten the call. Someone claiming to be with a local law enforcement agency calls and says you’ve missed a court day and then wants you pay up or be picked up. We all know it’s fraud and now scammers have taken that lie to a whole other level.

This week the Candler County Sheriff’s Office got alerts from residents who received such calls wherein the solicitor is trying to obtain information, and when the citizens returned the call to the number left, a recording with a man’s voice  says, “This is Sheriff John Miles in the Citation Office…..” and then continues to ask that the caller leave his or her name and phone number so he can contact them. The voice message even tells the caller that “If this is an emergency, hang up and call 9-1-1,” and concludes with “Have a nice day.”

That voice and message is definitely not that of Candler County Sheriff John Miles nor has he authorized anyone to claim to be him on the telephone. Investigators at the Sheriff’s Office as well as these radio stations called the number left for the citizens and heard the same exact voicemail.

The number is from area code 470 and is associated with the Atlanta area. A reverse search of the phone number pinpoints that the call is coming from a mobile phone in Duluth, Georgia, with Verizon as its carrier. The specific number that the would-be scammer leaves is 470-223-0354, but that number could deviate or change at any time.

Sheriff Miles and his investigators warn citizens in the area to be aware of scams of this type, and if you do receive such a call, contact law enforcement in your area. And remember law enforcement does not telephone you if you miss a court date; they make contact in person.

This investigation is continuing by the Candler County Sheriff’s Office.

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