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If you see a penny on the sidewalk, do you always stop and pick it up?  A penny does not sound like much money UNTIL everyone contributes one penny per every dollar spent and over a decade, those pennies add up to several millions of dollars!

That’s the idea behind the Transportation Investment Act (TIA) that the voters in our area of Georgia narrowly passed 10 years ago with the penny earmarked for roads, bridges, and other transportation projects. And if you travel around the area much, you’ll know the money is going to where it was intended.

May 24th voters will go to the polls and cast their ballot as to whether they want to continue paying one penny per dollar to see more projects completed locally.  Ann Owens of the Greater Vidalia Chamber of Commerce addressed the Kiwanis Club of Vidalia Tuesday and explained why voters should check “yes” on their ballot.

“First, it is NOT a new tax,” Owens said. “If passed again for the next 10 years, things will stay the way they have. People will not spend any more tax money than for this category than they already have been.”

Several local projects have already been completely since TIA passed previously including the paving of Ezra Taylor Road, Adams Street, and many more. Currently, the project getting a great deal of attention is the four-laning of U.S. Highway #1.

“In this TIA phase, over $290 million has been collected of a projected $366 million,” Owens said. “Since it passed regionally and the money is collected and spent regionally, our portion is about 25 percent or $88 million spent on local projects. In addition, we get to decide who gets our projects and so that means more jobs, safer roads, and local control.”

To see what projects have been done and what are being contemplated in the future, log on to www.ga-tia.com or call the Greater Vidalia Chamber of Commerce at 912-537-4466 and request a list be sent to you.

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