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Patriots Pen


When it comes to America, young people have something to say, and thanks to the Auxiliary of the J. Barry Jones Veterans of Foreign Wars, there is an outlet that their voices can be heard. Middle school students participated in the Patriot’s Pen and wrote essays, while high school students recorded their messages in the Voice of Democracy. Awards for this year’s competition were given out Thursday morning at Vidalia High School.

Mikkelle Peters of Vidalia High School won first place in the  Voice of Democracy contest with her speech entitled “America: Where Do We Go From Here?”

“It doesn’t really matter where we go as long as we are progressing forward,” Peters said.

She credits her high school education with giving her the tools to formulate her subject matter for the speech, noting, “I really want to thank the incredible Mr. Bobby George, my teacher.:

Peters, a senior at Vidalia High School, plans to possibly attending Georgia Teach after high school, although she still weighing her postsecondary education choices. She does know, however, that she wants to pursue a career as a neurosurgeon.

Other participants in the two annual contests were:

VOICE OF DEMOCRACY: Mikkelle Peters 1st place; Dottie McDaniel, 2nd place; John Williams, 3rd place; (participants): Seth MacGregor, Ryleigh Ellis, Aleah Ajohda, Rebecca Proenza, Caroline Page, Josey Harrell, Riley Sanders, Mallie Braddy, Owen Moxley.

PATRIOT’S PEN: Rilyn Rodgers, 1st place; Summer Ward, 2nd place; Camden Lee, 3rd place; (participants): Anna Nally, Jake Michael, Teagan Carney, Piedad Hernandez, Emily Bryant, Jazmine Easton, Ezarria Walton, Layasia Johnson, Gabriele Vinson, Adam Bell, Cali Driggers, Tyler Reese, Sarah Walker, Emily Carter and Jordan Brannen.


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