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Dr. Sandy Reid receives her Oath of Office as Vidalia City Schools Superintendent from Judge Daniel O'Connor.

Jan Williams

Jan Williams presented the Indian Star Award for June from Sally D. Meadows Elementary School leadership.

With the issuing of an Oath of Office, the day-to-day leadership of the Vidalia City Schools shifted Tuesday night when Judge Daniel O’Connor swore in the new School Superintendent Dr. Sandy Reid. Dr. Reid succeeds Dr. Garrett Wilcox, who retired last month.

While Dr. Reid is new to the job of Superintendent, she isn’t new to the school system having served for many years as the principal at J.R. Trippe Middle School and most recently, as the Assistant School Superintendent.

Dr. Reid has hit the ground running in her new position, already implementing ideas, new practices and addressing head-on projects within the school system, and at her first official meeting of the Board of Education, she introduced a new student recognition program called the Spear Award which will focus on a student monthly who demonstrates service, participation, excellence or achievements. The honoree for June is Janiya Heggs, who performed for the Board of Education members a lyrical interpretative dance that recently won her the 4th grade Meadows Has Talent Showcase.

Also honored Tuesday night was Jan Williams, a grandmother who volunteers her time, talents, and service at whatever school her grandson is attending at the time her help is needed. This year, it was Sally D. Meadows Elementary School and SDM’s Principal Brandon Boston presented Williams with the Indian Star Award.

“I had Jan’s grandson at J.D. Dickerson Primary School when I was there and I could call her and say, ‘Miss Jan, I need something,’ and she’d always answer ‘Yes, Brandon, what do you need?’ And then, she would always do it. Whether it was a grits bar, sugar cookies, helping to set up for Teacher Appreciation Week or even working on Sundays.”

Boston said that during the holidays, a friendly decorating competition was held between the schools, and added “I drove up to the school on a Saturday and there was Miss Jan – decorating our school. She’s more than a community volunteer; she’s part of our Sally D. Meadows family and we appreciate her and I’m glad we’ll have her around for another three years.”

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