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Chris Wiggins

It’s been a decade since Chris Wiggins was shot and killed during a robbery at the Santa Claus Minit Mart and his family is still waiting on justice. The shooting occurred just before midnight that Sunday night, June 8, 2014, and Wiggins passed way in the early morning hours of June 9.

Dale Wiggins is the mother of the slain store owner and says she’s not letting the search for the killer or killers end.

“I try not to think about it,” Dale Wiggins said. “It’s just too sad. But I will always wonder what he thought when they walked into that store with guns. Chris was a smart man and had to know when that bullet hit him. I will always wonder what went through his mind while he was laying there bleeding to death.”

Toombs County Sheriff Alvie Kight, Jr., said there are no recent updates, but the Toombs County Sheriff’s Office continues to work with the GBI on leads. He adds that the GBI has DNA related to the Wiggins’ death and will also continue to work to solve the murder of Chris Wiggins.

“The Sheriff told me that even though it may be a cold case for some law enforcement, it will never be a cold case in Toombs County, and I said, ‘Thank You, Lord!’” Dale Wiggins said.

Sheriff Kight asks that even though it has been 10 years, anyone with even the slightest information can still come forward and report it to the Sheriff’s Office at 912-526-6778 or the GBI.

The grieving mother says time hasn’t done anything to ease her pain nor her resilience to bring justice for her son.

“I will never give up; not as long as I live! I know there’s someone out there who knows what happened and maybe one day, they will come forward and tell it.”

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