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Greg MorrisWhen the 2020 Georgia General Assembly was suspended in March due to COVID-19, things were looking good as far as the budget. State Representative Greg Morris said at that time, state employees and teachers were looking at raises, income tax for all Georgians was looking favorable and there was funding for QBE (Qualify Based Education). But after the economic repercussions due to the pandemic, the state was looking at a serious shortfall in revenue.

According to Rep. Morris, the state budget that was being formed will now see at least an 11 percent reduction, and those cuts will most likely affect the pockets of all Georgians. The Senate has been working on its budget as well, and both the House and the Senate are conferring on where those reductions will actually come from. The State, unlike the federal government, MUST pass a balanced budget (revenues and expenditures must be equal) before adjourning the session.

Rep. Morris said he anticipates the unusual 2020 Georgia General Assembly to complete its regular session by Friday of this week.


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