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OFFICE: (912) 537-9203
FAX: (912) 537-4477
WVOP: (912) 537-9202
WTCQ: (912) 538-9898
WYUM: (912) 538-1017

Dr. Barry Dotson of Southeastern Technical College presented and update to students Wednesday morning. Dr. Dotson said, "In our continuing efforts to keep you informed of developments as soon as possible, we wanted to pass along the latest information and direction available:

  • At this time, the decision has been made to tentatively re-start face-to-face instruction and re-open our campus on Monday, April 13.  The College campus will remain closed until that time.  This re-start date will be continuously evaluated and updates provided based on information from the Governor’s Office. 
  • We know that you enrolled at Southeastern Tech because you want to be able to obtain employment and go to work, and because of that, we have transitioned as many courses as possible to online instruction.  As a reminder, online instruction is continuing on a daily basis.  Students who encounter any difficulties during this time should check in with their instructors.
  • The College has made the decision to continue online instruction during the previously scheduled Spring Break of April 6 – 10.  If these online classes are able to complete all mandated requirements and finish early, those classes will observe Spring Break during the last scheduled week of the semester.
  • The Career Fairs scheduled for April 21 and 23 have been canceled.
  • The Graduation Ceremony scheduled to be held in May has been postponed.  The Graduation Ceremony is an event that requires months of complex planning. Because of the current state and national situation, many of the action steps necessary to be taken at this time are not able to be completed, leaving us with no choice but to reschedule this event at a later date.  We are proud of your accomplishments, and know that you are as well, and we look forward to celebrating your graduation with you at a later date to be announced.

Finally, to our students – please remember that you are the reason that we exist. All decisions being made are evaluated based on actions we believe are best for our students.  We are living in unusual and unprecedented times, however, we are attempting to provide as many services to you as possible.  We care about your safety and well-being.  Please reach out to us if there is anything we can assist you."


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