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Contact Information

OFFICE: (912) 537-9203
FAX: (912) 537-4477
WVOP: (912) 537-9202
WTCQ: (912) 538-9898
WYUM: (912) 538-1017

The City of Vidalia has issued the following press release.

Vidalia – While the City of Vidalia remains vigilant during this ever-changing time; we are encouraged by our citizen’s cooperation with “social distancing” and the impact it has on reducing the threat of COVID-19.  While there are no confirmed cases in Toombs County at this time, the virus has become more widespread forcing us to ask that you be more diligent to limit person-person contact as much as possible. We are asking that you make every effort to adhere to “social distancing” (6 feet apart) and do your part for the greater good of everyone.

The city will continue to take a proactive stance to stop the spread of the virus by suspending activities and implementing other actions through Sunday, April 12th. Please be aware of the following changes:

  • There will be no recreation activities.
  • There will be no activities at the Pal Theatre.
  • Facilities will not be rented (If you have a reservation, you will be contacted.)
  • City Hall will remain closed. A bill can be paid online, by draft, or by using our drop box. (vidaliaga.gov)
  • Late fees for past due water/sewer bills due on March 20th have been waived.
  • ESG (Public works) will continue to address after hour issues. Please call dispatch at 537-4123.
  • Please do not flush wet wipes/paper towels in your toilet. It will cause a sewer backup.

Please remember, at a moment’s notice, measures we currently have in place may change to further stop the spread of COVID-19.  

What else can you do to make a difference?

  • Only make essential trips in public (Pharmacy, grocery store)
  • Support local businesses by using their drive through service
  • Share information concerning COVID-19 that is on our Facebook page (City of Vidalia, Georgia Authorized Page)
  • Visit us at vidaliaga.gov to see daily updates on COVID-19 at the top of our homepage

We are all in this together and COVID-19 is new to everyone. We know this journey we are on is hard, but we will get through this soon.


Meet The Staff

  • General Manager

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    John Koon

  • IT-Web Manager

    Dorothy Davis, IT-Web Manager

    Dorothy Davis

  • Program Director

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    Bob Roberts, WTCQ

  • Program Directory

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    Jim Perry, WYUM

  • Sales Manager

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    Jeff Raiford

  • Traffic Manager

    Connie Clifton, Traffic Manager

    Connie Clifton