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Contact Information

OFFICE: (912) 537-9203
FAX: (912) 537-4477
WVOP: (912) 537-9202
WTCQ: (912) 538-9898
WYUM: (912) 538-1017

In accordance with Montgomery County’s Local State of Emergency dated March 20, 2020, public access to County Offices will be restricted. This restricted access to county offices will end on March 31, 2020 unless the Local State of Emergency is renewed. If your business with the County cannot be handled by phone, fax, email, or mail, please call the office that you need to visit, and you may be allowed to enter by appointment. 

Public access will be restricted to the following COUNTY OFFICES:

County Agent –                       912-583-2240

Tax Commissioner –                912-583-2571

Tax Assessor –                         912-583-4131

Board of Commissioners –      912-583-2363

Board of Registrars-                 912-583-4296

COUNTY SERVICES will continue to operate as follows:

Senior Center

The Senior Center building will be closed. However, Senior Center staff will provide drive-thru pick-up of congregate meals, and homebound meals will continue to be delivered. For questions, please call the Senior Center at 912-583-4895.

Solid Waste

The Solid Waste Convenience Centers will continue to operate as scheduled. However, attendants at the centers will maintain social distancing from the public. For questions, please call the Board of Commissioners’ Office at 912-583-2363.

Road Department

The Road Department will continue operations. Road Department staff will have no contact with the public. For questions, please call the Board of Commissioners’ Office at 912-583-2363.

Recreation Department

The Recreation Department has discontinued recreation activities through March 31,2020 unless extended beyond that date.  For questions, please call the Recreation Department at 912-592-6241.

COURTHOUSE OFFICES will continue to operate in accordance with Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia Harold D. Melton’s Order declaring a Statewide Judiciary Emergency on March 14, 2020.

The Montgomery County Courthouse will only be available for essential business until April 13, 2020 at 11:59 PM unless otherwise extended. The following offices will be available for limited services as follows:

Clerk of Court –          912-583-4401

Magistrate Court –       912-583-2170

Probate Court –            912-583-2681


Meet The Staff

  • General Manager

    Listen to WVOP

    John Koon

  • IT-Web Manager

    Dorothy Davis, IT-Web Manager

    Dorothy Davis

  • Program Director

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    Bob Roberts, WTCQ

  • Program Directory

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    Jim Perry, WYUM

  • Sales Manager

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    Jeff Raiford

  • Traffic Manager

    Connie Clifton, Traffic Manager

    Connie Clifton