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February 12--  Meadows Health Imaging Center in Vidalia was recently presented with a grant from the sales of Breast Cancer License plates to provide mammograms for breast cancer  and provide treatment for the disease if cancer is detected or a screening shows abnormalities. The grant was for $50,000 through the Georgia Department of Community Health and facility by Georgia the Center for Oncology, Research and Education.

Susan McLendon, Rural Community Health Nurse  Specialist is monitoring the grant and said that one out of every four residents is currently uninsured, living in poverty and with limited English proficiency, education and transportation.

McLendon said there will be 150 screening mammograms through the funds, but will also include diagnostic testing, ultrasounds and needly biopsies if needed, and McLendon said of that 150 screenings, an average of 40 will need further diagnostic testing.

McLendon said women should get a basic mammogram at age 35, and yearly at age 40. Women with a family history of breast cancer or demonstrate risk factors are urged to get more frequent screening if recommended by her physician.

In the 8-county region served by the grant, breast cancer diagnosis and deaths are higher than the state average according to McLendon. Appling and Tattnall counties have the highest rates.

Patients who utilize the funding won’t necessarily have to go to the hospital for their screening, but may opt to use the new diagnostic center in the Lucy Pierson Medial Building.  If a person is uninsured and think the family meets the poverty guidelines, they can contact McLendon at 912-535-7100 to schedule and appointment or for further questions.


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