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Web Cast Access is available via the team links above. Once you click on the team you want to hear, follow the instructions below to listen to your favorite team's game time webcast.

Instructions on what you need to do in order to listen to the game are as follows...

Step 1 --You choose the WebCast tab step1 located on the left hand side of the page.... good job.

Step 2 --Choose the team you would like to listen to ...

Step 3 --Click on headphone


Step 4 --Choose Listen To Game step4 (located on the right hand side of the page).


Step 5 --Launch Application window will appear, select Windows Media Player, and then press OK


Congratulations! You are now listening to the game as if you were sitting on the side lines.


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Emailed Webcast Comments below:

Listening online from Liberty Township Ohio. Great job!

Looking forward to seeing friends and family for Thanksgiving.

Richard & Dawn Hill


The Lollis family is on the road to support Logan Lollis and the Shorter College Hawks in their first playoff game against the University of Cumberland in Williamsburg, Kentucky. We just wanted to give a shout out to the Toombs County Bulldogs. Go DAWGS and go Hawks!



Living in Clarkesville, Habersham County GA (just above Gainesville) I have been listening on the stream with my 79 year old dad who moved here a few years ago. We enjoy your work and think you do a great job. Keep it up and thanks for the job you do. Also, make sure everyone at the station knows we really appreciate the streaming....Dad lives to hear a Vidalia football game. I had to set him up a computer at his house with new speakers and all when he found out it was on the internet.

If you get the chance, maybe you all can give a "shout out" to folks you know are listening on the internet and if so please include:

Gene Mixon VHS 1947 Clarkesville

Mike Mixon VHS 1980 Clarkesville

Matt Mixon VHS 1985 Clarkesville


"Hey, I just wanted to write and say thanks for finally broadcasting Toombs County football game on the net. I live in Augusta and have always had to suffer through cell phone updates from my brother when I couldn't make the drive to The Pit. Now I will not miss a game. Those guys did a great job broadcasting tonight vs. East Laurens. Thanks, Charlie Cooper, Toombs County High, 1992."


"I listened to the game on the computer last night. I was doing some work and was not near the radio. It was great. Great job by Vidalia Communications. Now the games are available anywhere the Internet can be accessed. Thanks, Bob Dixon."


"I am a Warrior fan who is spending the weekend in Atlanta with my new grandaughter. You were so fair in your broadcast and gave the Warriors such good credit. I enjoyed listening to your very unbiased broadcast. You might be as good as Munson. Thanks again, and Bostic is a great kid in the classroom as well as on the field. Billy Milburn."


"Hey Collins! I am in Milledgeville listening to the game via the Internet. You, James and Dustin are doing a good job. The Dawgs' fans sound great tonight! GO DAWGS, Leandra Gordy."


"Thanks for getting the games on the Web. Almost like being home again. For the last couple of years I would rely on cell phone updates from my brother. Listening from the Greater Cincinnati area, Liberty Township to be exact. Go Dogs! Richard and Dawn."


"Just wanted to say I listen to Toombs County football all the way up here in Chicago. I'm the brother of Lonzo Skinner and I never miss a game. Thanks+, Quinton Rush."


Mr. Fowler,

I just wanted to thank you for putting the Vidalia Football games on the internet. I am a native of Vidalia and still love to hear about the Indians. I visit your website daily to "keep up with things" and my husband and I were thrilled to find out we could listen to the games even though we don't live in Georgia anymore. John is doing a great job and makes it as though we are actually there at the game, and wish we were. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

S. Janet Thompson

Columbia S.C.


Thanks for putting VHS football on the internet. Jan and I were able to listen to the game this past Friday night from Bermuda. The folks at the meeting thought that it was great that we could listen to a high school football game on the net. I also enjoyed the play by play by John Koon. It was refreshing to hear someone comment on the game and not the officials or bad calls. Carroll Williams.

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