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The premium package is all about making contact with community members.

Your premium package consist of all the information contained in the basic and the extended packages plus, you guessed it, even more flexibility. With this package you get three additional must-have features.

A slider that rotate up to three images of your choice. These images could be anything from staff providing quality services to customers, your hottest seasonal products, awards received, your team, etc.

Visitors can get turn-by-turn directions right from your listing from their location to your business. So whether you are a new business or want to capture the attention of community new comers you can give them all the tools they need to locate you right from your business listing.

Visitors can also make contact with you right from your listing. Save them the time of logging into their email when they can simply send you a quick note right from your listing; whether its a general inquiry, a price quote, or to schedule an appointment.

With this package you get the flexibility along with contact facilities that promote the interaction between your business and the community.

To request this package simply complete and submit this form.

For pricing call 537-9203 and ask for Dorothy.

Map Coordinates

To find your coordinates click HERE. Enter your address. The marker will fall in the general area of your address. Locate your building and move the marker to it if it did not fall in the exact location. Your coordinates can the be viewed below the map.


Here are some examples:

Latitude:  32.219941

Longitude:  -82.435719


Once you have jotted down your coordinates you can close the popup and enter the information in this section of the form.


I can use your address to set up your Locate Us feature; but coordinates are much more accurate; resulting in user friendly directions for your readers.

If no, then please provide the following:
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