Extended Business Listing
SEGA Program


The extended package is all about flexibility for you to get the message out about what you can do for your viewers.

Your extended package consist of all the information contained in the basic package plus a bit of something extra that gives you the flexibility you need to tell the customer why your company is the ONE to meet their needs.

Our sample shows the possibility of displaying a vision statement and a mission statement; the one statement that sums up what your business is about and why customers should buy from you.

The overview or introduction is your opportunity to expand on that. Here a company can use their bragging rights to share any awards, achievements, years of existence, or (if partnered) years of combined experience. Or a company could simply decide to expand on the services they provide.

Finally, your hours of operation are included at this level.

This package is also a great option for budget conscious business owners/managers. It still gives you savings along with a bit of flexibility.

To request this package simply complete and submit this form.

For pricing call 537-9203 and ask for Dorothy. 

Directory FAQ

If my business category isn't available in the directory, can we still get listed?

Sure. Once you have decided which package would best serve your business simply complete the appropriate form for your desired package using the links below and we'll add the category necessary for listing your business. 

Why upgrade my Business Directory listing?

It is the goal of the Business Directory to generate business leads for its consumers. There are four elements toward promoting a business and generating leads:

  1. Be seen By One's Community - If they don't know you're there they won't come.
  2. Inform Your Community - If they don't know how you can help them or why they should choose you, they likely won't come.
  3. Make Contact - Everyone's in a hurry. Saving time with quick access to contact a business increases chances for that all-important initial contact.
  4. Network - Networking promotes growth because it reaches beyond the community for potential business opportunities. 

It greatly depends how deep one is willing to push that envelop and promote one's business as to how much business one can gain. Each level of the business directory is geared toward each one of these elements. You can review the details of each package below and the extent to which each package addresses these elements.


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