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Weekday Birthday - Anniversary

WTCQ - Your Favorite 98Q (97.7-FM) - Call in your birthday or anniversary (538-9898) for our 98Q birthday/anniversary club and have a chance to win a movie ticket from The Sweet Onion Cinema, a free 8" Sub Combo Meal from Larry's Giant Subs , and one dozen donuts from Bill's Donut & Bake Shop . Winners are listed below each day. Our most recent win on WTCQ was Gregory Bacon Jr on Thursday, November 14, 2019.

WYUM - Sweet Onion Country (101.7-FM) - Call Sweet Onion Country in the mornings (538-1017) with your birthday or anniversary and you can have a chance to win the Sweet Onion Country Birthday Club which consists of one free 8" Sub Combo Meal from Larry's Giant Subs and one dozen glazed donuts from Bill's Donut & Bake Shop on the strip in Vidalia. Our most recent win on WYUM was Ashton Haynes on Thursday, November 14, 2019.

Winner Expirations!
Sweet Onion Cenima: Noted on winner's ticket.
Larry's Giant Subs: 7 Days from the day the winner picks up the ticket from Vidalia Communications.
Bills' Donut & Bake Shop: 7 days from the day winner is announced.
ALL Winnings: are held no longer than 30 days unless they expire before then.
View Winners!
If you have not picked up your winnings and your name is listed in the dropdowns below, then we still have your certificates, minus any that have expired due to the exipirations indicated on the left.

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Name  DateStation
Abby White2019-10-28WTCQ
Adam Dupree2019-11-11WYUM
AJ Hall2019-10-08WYUM
Aliyah Smalley2019-11-13WTCQ
Angela Cooper2019-10-30WYUM
Anna Patrick2019-09-26WTCQ
Ashlyn Goodwin2019-10-07WTCQ
Ashton Haynes2019-11-14WYUM
Austin Wright2019-10-01WTCQ
Ava Wilson2019-10-23WTCQ
Barbera Allen2019-10-21WYUM
Barry Thigpen2019-10-11WYUM
Belinda King2019-09-25WYUM
Brandon Ogle2019-11-07WYUM
Bryson Tanner2019-11-06WYUM
Candi Barnett2019-11-12WTCQ
Carmen Rodgers2019-10-14WYUM
Cheyenne Anderson2019-09-26WYUM
Chloe Anthony2019-09-23WTCQ
Chloe Dupree2019-11-04WTCQ
Darren Toole2019-11-08WYUM
Debra Kight2019-10-04WYUM
Debra Kight2019-10-04WTCQ
Dekenley Asberry2019-10-22WTCQ
Devin Dorsey2019-10-17WTCQ
Diane Cure2019-10-01WYUM
Emma Rogers2019-10-07WYUM
Emma Wright2019-10-08WTCQ
Felicia Waters2019-10-10WTCQ
Frank Toler2019-10-15WYUM
Gregory Bacon Jr2019-11-14WTCQ
Hope Foskey2019-11-07WTCQ
Hudson Oren Wheeler2019-10-31WTCQ
Ivan Brinson2019-11-05WYUM
Jacob Harrison2019-11-05WTCQ
James & Linda Dykes2019-10-09WYUM
James Guess2019-09-24WYUM
James Odum2019-11-13WYUM
Jan Durrence2019-10-29WYUM
Jane & Nelson Hodges2019-10-10WYUM

Click To View By Date

Date  NameStation
2019-11-14Ashton HaynesWYUM
2019-11-14Gregory Bacon JrWTCQ
2019-11-13James OdumWYUM
2019-11-13Aliyah SmalleyWTCQ
2019-11-12Monica ScottWYUM
2019-11-12Candi BarnettWTCQ
2019-11-11Adam DupreeWYUM
2019-11-11Marcus Burton JrWTCQ
2019-11-08Rhianna PowellWTCQ
2019-11-08Darren TooleWYUM
2019-11-07Hope FoskeyWTCQ
2019-11-07Brandon OgleWYUM
2019-11-06Bryson TannerWYUM
2019-11-06Rilee RollinsWTCQ
2019-11-05Ivan BrinsonWYUM
2019-11-05Jacob HarrisonWTCQ
2019-11-04Robert GeorgeWYUM
2019-11-04Chloe DupreeWTCQ
2019-11-01Tyrice ButlerWTCQ
2019-11-01Shirley ArnoldWYUM
2019-10-31Hudson Oren WheelerWTCQ
2019-10-31Reese WeeksWYUM
2019-10-30Angela CooperWYUM
2019-10-30Natalie BrantleyWTCQ
2019-10-29Journey HarrisWTCQ
2019-10-29Jan DurrenceWYUM
2019-10-28Lindy ArnoldWYUM
2019-10-28Abby WhiteWTCQ
2019-10-25Maci WhittneyWYUM
2019-10-25Payton CorbettWTCQ
2019-10-23No OneWYUM
2019-10-23Ava WilsonWTCQ
2019-10-22Dekenley AsberryWTCQ
2019-10-22Megan StrangeWYUM
2019-10-21Barbera AllenWYUM
2019-10-21Lashay McCoyWTCQ
2019-10-18Joey AdamsWYUM
2019-10-18Meredith DurdenWTCQ
2019-10-17Jeslyn ButtsWYUM
2019-10-17Devin DorseyWTCQ

Movie Trivia

WTCQ - Your Favorite 98Q (97.7-FM) - Listen for and call 538-9898 to participate in Movie Trivia every Friday morning for a chance to win a movie ticket from The Sweet Onion Cinema . Winners are listed below each day. Our most recent win on WTCQ was Logan Beacher on Friday, November 8, 2019.

NOTE: You may view to the last 3 weeks of our Movie Trivia winners in the lists below. This list is cleaned out during the first week of each month.

Click To View By Name

Name  DateStation
Alesia Campbell2019-05-10WTCQ
Alesia Cmpbell2019-06-14WTCQ
Angela Mills2019-02-01WTCQ
Angie Lewis2019-08-16WTCQ
Arty Allmond2019-09-13WTCQ
Ashley Colbert2019-02-22WTCQ
Ashley Colbert2019-02-22WTCQ
Ashley Sheppard2019-07-26WTCQ
Billy Goodwin2019-03-29WTCQ
Billy McCoy2019-05-03WTCQ
Britney Fitzgerald2019-09-06WTCQ
Brittany Cloud2019-11-01WTCQ
Clarence Best2019-06-07WTCQ
Dane Brown2019-08-02WTCQ
DD Henriott2019-05-24WTCQ
Debra White2019-06-21WTCQ
DeeDee Henriott2019-08-23WTCQ
Fallon Holland2019-04-05WTCQ
Gloria Register2019-10-11WTCQ
Jamie Brantley2019-09-27WTCQ
Jan Carroll2019-03-08WTCQ
Joyce Arnold2019-06-28WTCQ
Justine Flowers2019-02-08WTCQ
Kim Williamson2019-05-17WTCQ
Logan Beacher2019-11-08WTCQ
Matt Hollie2019-07-19WTCQ
Melba Mann2019-05-31WTCQ
Michelle Hughes2019-01-18WTCQ
Morgan Page2019-01-11WTCQ
No One2019-07-12WTCQ
Phillis Hollingsworth2019-04-12WTCQ
Phyllis Hollingsworth2019-10-25WTCQ
Phyllis Hollingsworth2019-08-30WTCQ
Renee Ragland2019-03-15WTCQ
Ronald Craft2019-02-15WTCQ
Staci Bell2019-10-18WTCQ
Tonya Phillips2019-04-19WTCQ
Tres Herrin2019-08-09WTCQ

Click To View By Date

Date  NameStation
2019-11-08Logan BeacherWTCQ
2019-11-01Brittany CloudWTCQ
2019-10-25Phyllis HollingsworthWTCQ
2019-10-18Staci BellWTCQ
2019-10-11Gloria RegisterWTCQ
2019-09-27Jamie BrantleyWTCQ
2019-09-13Arty AllmondWTCQ
2019-09-06Britney FitzgeraldWTCQ
2019-08-30Phyllis HollingsworthWTCQ
2019-08-23DeeDee HenriottWTCQ
2019-08-16Angie LewisWTCQ
2019-08-09Tres HerrinWTCQ
2019-08-02Dane BrownWTCQ
2019-07-26Ashley SheppardWTCQ
2019-07-19Matt HollieWTCQ
2019-07-12No OneWTCQ
2019-06-28Joyce ArnoldWTCQ
2019-06-21Debra WhiteWTCQ
2019-06-14Alesia CmpbellWTCQ
2019-06-07Clarence BestWTCQ
2019-05-31Melba MannWTCQ
2019-05-24DD HenriottWTCQ
2019-05-17Kim WilliamsonWTCQ
2019-05-10Alesia CampbellWTCQ
2019-05-03Billy McCoyWTCQ
2019-04-19Tonya PhillipsWTCQ
2019-04-12Phillis HollingsworthWTCQ
2019-04-05Fallon HollandWTCQ
2019-03-29Billy GoodwinWTCQ
2019-03-15Renee RaglandWTCQ
2019-03-08Jan CarrollWTCQ
2019-02-22Ashley ColbertWTCQ
2019-02-22Ashley ColbertWTCQ
2019-02-15Ronald CraftWTCQ
2019-02-08Justine FlowersWTCQ
2019-02-01Angela MillsWTCQ
2019-01-18Michelle HughesWTCQ
2019-01-11Morgan PageWTCQ

Weekly Sportstime Trivia

SportsTime Trivia - NewsTalk WVOP, Your Favorite 98Q, Sweet Onion Country, 1017FM, WYUM!

We invite you to listen to South Georgia's award-winning local sportscast each weekday morning at 7:35 o'clock and play Sportstime Trivia. 

The weekly winner receives a delicious Meal and Drink from Zaxby's in Vidalia  and qualifies to win $50 CASH from Mount Vernon Bank  the last Friday of each month!   

The winner of great food from Zaxby's on November 8 is Drayton Willis of Lyons. Congratulations!

Our October  winner of $50 in cash from the Mount Vernon Bank is Evelyn Carpenter.  The next cash winner's name will be drawn Friday, November 29 at 7:45 a.m. following Sportstime.

For staff use only.