Office Pizza Party


Yes! You heard right. The Office Pizza Party contest is back and running full force. 

Office winners will receive three 12" 2-topping pizzas from Hardware Pizza.

Individuals can register their office right here right now: 1) using the form below, 2) call in to your Favorite 98Q during live time from 6AM till 9am at 538-9898, or 3) send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Drawings are made at 0820AM every Friday morning on your Favorite 98Q (97.7FM). The most recent Office Pizza Party winner was the Altamaha Bank & Trust, Higgston Branch on Friday, November 9, 2018. Listen for your opportunity to win next Friday morning at 0830AM on your Favorite 98Q (97.7FM).

Register Here For A Chance To Win!
Winnings must be redeemed on the same day they were won by 2:00PM. Each winning Office can win only once per 90 days. Register for each weekly contest once. Any duplicate entries will be removed. Delivery Not Available.
View Winners Here

2018-11-09Altamaha Bank & Trust, Higgston Branch
2018-10-26Phillips Pharmacy
2018-10-12Shuman cleaners
2018-09-28Air Tech
2018-09-14Toombs Counseling Center
2018-09-07Southern Choices
2018-08-24Vidalia High School Office
2018-08-17Toombs Concerted Services
2018-08-10MRMC IT Department
2018-07-27Handy Andy
2018-07-27Handy Andy Vidalia

Or register by phone from 6AM - 9AM at 912-538-9898

Weekly Sportstime Trivia

SportsTime Trivia - NewsTalk970, Your Favorite 98Q, Sweet Onion Country, 1017FM, WYUM!

We invite you to listen to South Georgia's award-winning local sportscast each weekday morning at 7:35 o'clock and play Sportstime Trivia. 

The weekly winner receives a delicious Meal and Drink from Zaxby's in Vidalia  and qualifies to win $50 CASH from Mount Vernon Bank  the last Friday of each month!   

The winner of great food from Zaxby's on November 9th is James Scott of Vidalia.  Congratulations!

Our October winner of $50 in cash from the Mount Vernon Bank is Artie Almond. The next cash winner's name will be drawn Friday, November 30 at 7:45 a.m. following Sportstime.

Weekday Birthday - Anniversary

WTCQ - Your Favorite 98Q (97.7-FM) - Call in your birthday or anniversary (538-9898) for our 98Q birthday/anniversary club and have a chance to win a movie ticket from The Sweet Onion Cinema, a free 8" Sub Combo Meal from Larry's Giant Subs , and one dozen donuts from Bill's Donut & Bake Shop . Winners are listed below each day. Our most recent win on WTCQ was Matthew Lamb on Monday, November 12, 2018.

WYUM - Sweet Onion Country (101.7-FM) - Call Sweet Onion Country in the mornings (538-1017) with your birthday or anniversary and you can have a chance to win the Sweet Onion Country Birthday Club which consists of one free 8" Sub Combo Meal from Larry's Giant Subs and a personal one-layer cake from Bill's Donut & Bake Shop on the strip in Vidalia. Our most recent win on WYUM was James Parrish on Monday, November 12, 2018.

Winner Expirations!
Sweet Onion Cenima: Noted on winner's ticket.
Larry's Giant Subs: 7 Days from the day the winner picks up the ticket from Vidalia Communications.
Bills' Donut & Bake Shop: 7 days from the day winner is announced.
ALL Winnings: are held no longer than 30 days unless they expire before then.
View Winners!
If you have not picked up your winnings and your name is listed in the dropdowns below, then we still have your certificates, minus any that have expired due to the exipirations indicated on the left.

Click To View By Name

Name  DateStation
AJ Skinner2018-08-28WTCQ
Alexander Hudson2018-08-03WTCQ
Alivia Patrick2018-08-22WYUM
Alvine Holton2018-08-20WYUM
Amanda Deloach2018-08-28WYUM
Amber Galbreathe2018-10-24WYUM
Angleigh & Adison Davis (Twins)2018-09-17WYUM
Aniree Russell2018-08-08WYUM
Anna Taylor2018-10-02WTCQ
Anyia Carswell2018-09-07WTCQ
Ashley & Marcus Summerlan2018-11-08WYUM
Austin Miles2018-09-14WYUM
Bailey Bacon2018-10-26WTCQ
Blake Sasser2018-08-29WTCQ
Bonnell Reese2018-09-06WYUM
Brandon Clayton2018-10-30WTCQ
Brandon Ogle2018-11-07WYUM
Brittney Galbreath2018-10-02WYUM
Cage Holland2018-09-28WYUM
Candace Medlock2018-09-14WTCQ
Carmen Rodgers2018-10-12WYUM
Carol Hester2018-07-30WTCQ
Cason Thompson2018-08-27WTCQ
Cassie Walters2018-11-09WYUM
Charlene Dupree-Turner2018-08-08WTCQ
Chase Page2018-08-02WTCQ
Christopher Clark2018-08-01WTCQ
Christy Moxley2018-08-15WTCQ
Colby Wise2018-08-20WTCQ
Daniel Scott2018-10-30WYUM
Darby Roberson2018-10-11WYUM
Dayquan Daniels2018-09-11WTCQ
Dekenly Asberry2018-10-22WTCQ
Derrien Thomas2018-10-01WTCQ
Diane Lockley2018-11-06WYUM
Donna Gillis2018-10-01WYUM
Early & Sherry Burns2018-08-27WYUM
Eli Brock2018-09-26WYUM
Eric Jones2018-10-24WTCQ
Evelyn Thompson2018-10-03WYUM

Click To View By Date

Date  NameStation
2018-11-12James ParrishWYUM
2018-11-12Matthew LambWTCQ
2018-11-09Cassie WaltersWYUM
2018-11-09Rhianna PowellWTCQ
2018-11-08Marissa HarnageWTCQ
2018-11-08Ashley & Marcus SummerlanWYUM
2018-11-07Hope FoskeyWTCQ
2018-11-07Brandon OgleWYUM
2018-11-06Jackson QueryWTCQ
2018-11-06Diane LockleyWYUM
2018-11-05Hailey CurryWYUM
2018-11-05Kasen AsberryWTCQ
2018-11-02Ruby Nell SandersWYUM
2018-11-02Kaylee McCoyWTCQ
2018-11-01Hunter GuptonWTCQ
2018-11-01Janice MeeksWYUM
2018-10-30Daniel ScottWYUM
2018-10-30Brandon ClaytonWTCQ
2018-10-29Ruby JoinerWTCQ
2018-10-29Harry & Angela FountainWYUM
2018-10-26Bailey BaconWTCQ
2018-10-26Margarett BrinsonWYUM
2018-10-24Amber GalbreatheWYUM
2018-10-24Eric JonesWTCQ
2018-10-22Terri GalbreatheWYUM
2018-10-22Dekenly AsberryWTCQ
2018-10-12Zonna HutchesonWTCQ
2018-10-12Carmen RodgersWYUM
2018-10-11Darby RobersonWYUM
2018-10-11Sara MartinWTCQ
2018-10-10Glenda MartinWTCQ
2018-10-10Felicia WatersWYUM
2018-10-05Shannon JohnsonWYUM
2018-10-05Gavin ReynoldsWTCQ
2018-10-03Evelyn ThompsonWYUM
2018-10-02Brittney GalbreathWYUM
2018-10-02Anna TaylorWTCQ
2018-10-01Donna GillisWYUM
2018-10-01Derrien ThomasWTCQ
2018-09-28Cage HollandWYUM

Movie Trivia

WTCQ - Your Favorite 98Q (97.7-FM) - Listen for and call 538-9898 to participate in Movie Trivia every Friday morning for a chance to win a movie ticket from The Sweet Onion Cinema . Winners are listed below each day. Our most recent win on WTCQ was Tyson Leach on Friday, November 9, 2018.

NOTE: You may view to the last 3 weeks of our Birthday/AnniversaryMovie wins in the list below. This list is cleaned out during the first week of each month.

Click To View By Name

Name- - Date-- Station
Alicia Cambell2018-09-14WTCQ
Angie Lewis2018-01-12WTCQ
Brenda Poole2018-02-02WTCQ
Buck Dorsey2018-03-09WYUM
Cecilia Thompson2018-02-23WTCQ
Clarence Best2018-10-26
Crystal Morrison2018-03-23WTCQ
Darlene Wright2018-07-13WTCQ
Debra White2018-03-16WTCQ
Elaine Fountain2018-07-06WTCQ
Emily Hutcheson2018-06-22WTCQ
Ericka Palmer2018-11-02WTCQ
Karen Moore2018-06-01WTCQ
Marie Kramer2018-07-27WTCQ
Melba Mann2018-09-07WTCQ
Patricia Gaffney2018-08-10WTCQ
Raymond Coursey2018-04-27WTCQ
Sandra Baker2018-04-13WTCQ
Seth Elder2018-03-02WTCQ
Seth Elder2018-04-06WTCQ
Shannon Avila2018-05-25WTCQ
Stacey Cloud2018-05-11WTCQ
Teresa Burns2018-03-30
Teresa Zuniga2018-01-19WTCQ
Toni Wilkes2018-02-09WTCQ
Tyson Leach2018-11-09WTCQ

Click To View By Date

Date- - Name-- Station
2018-11-09Tyson LeachWTCQ
2018-11-02Ericka PalmerWTCQ
2018-10-26Clarence Best
2018-09-14Alicia CambellWTCQ
2018-09-07Melba MannWTCQ
2018-08-10Patricia GaffneyWTCQ
2018-07-27Marie KramerWTCQ
2018-07-13Darlene WrightWTCQ
2018-07-06Elaine FountainWTCQ
2018-06-22Emily HutchesonWTCQ
2018-06-01Karen MooreWTCQ
2018-05-25Shannon AvilaWTCQ
2018-05-11Stacey CloudWTCQ
2018-04-27Raymond CourseyWTCQ
2018-04-13Sandra BakerWTCQ
2018-04-06Seth ElderWTCQ
2018-03-30Teresa Burns
2018-03-23Crystal MorrisonWTCQ
2018-03-16Debra WhiteWTCQ
2018-03-09Buck DorseyWYUM
2018-03-02Seth ElderWTCQ
2018-02-23Cecilia ThompsonWTCQ
2018-02-09Toni WilkesWTCQ
2018-02-02Brenda PooleWTCQ
2018-01-19Teresa ZunigaWTCQ
2018-01-12Angie LewisWTCQ