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See the new Braves Sun Trust Park, the new stadium in Atlanta, GA. People Bank is giving away two sets of four tickets to the Braves games. One game is on Friday June 23rd and the other on Sunday June 25th. Tickets will be given away on Thursday June 22nd at 7:45am right after SportsTime. Most recent Braves tickets winner is Dale Johnson & Billy Goodwin on Thursday, June 22, 2017.


Yes! You heard right. The Office Pizza Party contest is back and running full force. 


Office winners will receive three 12" 2-topping pizzas from Hardware Pizza.


Individuals can register their office right here right now: 1) using the form below, 2) call in to your Favorite 98Q during live time from 6AM till 9am at 538-9898, or 3) send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Drawings are made at 0820AM every Friday morning on your Favorite 98Q (97.7FM). The most recent Office Pizza Party winner was the Trane Shipping Dept. on Friday, July 14, 2017. Listen for your opportunity to win next Friday morning at 0830AM on your Favorite 98Q (97.7FM).


NOTE: Winnings must be redeemed on the same day they were won by 2:00PM. Each winning Office can win only once per 90 days. Register for each weekly contest once. Any duplicate entries will be removed. Delivery Not Available.


Register Your Office Here Today!

Or register by phone from 6AM - 9AM at 912-538-9898

Click To View Prior Office Party Winners

Date- - Name-- Station
2017-07-14Trane Shipping Dept.WTCQ
2017-07-07Oxford of LyonsWTCQ
2017-06-30Phillips PharmacyWTCQ
2017-06-23Mt Vernon Bank of Mt VernonWTCQ
2017-05-26Buddy's PoolsWTCQ
2017-04-28Chicken of the Sea QCWTCQ
2017-04-21Ingley, Moore, ParadiseWTCQ
2017-04-14Sally D Meadows 5th GradeWTCQ
2017-04-07Mt Vernon Bank of Mt VernonWYUM
2017-03-17Georgia Eye InstituteWTCQ
2017-02-24Woody Folsom Nissan of VidaliaWTCQ
2017-02-10Security FinanceWTCQ
2017-02-03Accordia Health CareWTCQ
2017-01-27Oxley Park Health & Rehab Administrative DeptWTCQ
2017-01-13Middle Georgia Sleep/Oconnee Sleep LabWTCQ
2017-01-06J.D. Dickerson Kindergarten TeachersWTCQ
2016-12-23Toombs County Health Dept.WTCQ
2016-12-16Vidalia Children's CenterWTCQ
2016-12-09Police & Sheriff's PressWTCQ
2016-12-02Vidalia EMTWTCQ
2016-11-11Trane Shipping DepartmentWTCQ
2016-11-04Vidalia Urology AssociatesWTCQ
2016-10-28Sowell Insurance AgencyWTCQ
2016-10-21Heartland AcademyWTCQ
2016-10-14Meadows Regional Engineering DeptWTCQ
2016-10-07Toombs County Farm BureauWYUM
2016-09-30Conger LP GasWTCQ
2016-09-02Food WorldWTCQ
2016-08-26Toombs Central Elementary School 4th grade teacherWTCQ
2016-08-19Shuman's CleanersWTCQ
2016-08-05Oxford - ImportsWTCQ
2016-07-29U.S. Energy SciencesWTCQ
2016-07-22Size MoreWTCQ
2016-07-15Mt. Vernon BankWTCQ
2016-07-08Vidalia Board of EducationWTCQ
2016-06-17The Print ShopWTCQ
2016-06-10Peterson DermetologyWTCQ
2016-06-03Acute Care ClinicWTCQ
2016-05-27Phillips PharmacyWTCQ
2016-05-20Oxford DC QA DeptWTCQ
2016-05-13Woodland OilWTCQ
2016-05-06Applecare of VidaliaWTCQ
2016-04-29Sally D Meadows 5th grade TeachersWTCQ
2016-04-22Middle Georgia Sleep and Wellness CenterWTCQ
2016-04-15Mt Vernon BankWTCQ
2016-04-08Georgia Eye InstituteWTCQ
2016-04-01Vidalia Childrens CenterWTCQ
2016-03-25Meineke of VidaliaWYUM
2016-03-18Corner Stone Childrens CenterWTCQ
2016-03-11Nurses PlusWTCQ

WTCQ - Your Favorite 98Q (97.7-FM) - Call in your birthday or anniversary (538-9898) for our 98Q birthday/anniversary club and have a chance to win a movie ticket from The Sweet Onion Cinema and a free 8" Sub Combo Meal from Larry's Giant Subs! Winners are listed below each day. Our most recent win on WTCQ was Courtney Campbell on Friday, July 14, 2017.

WYUM - Sweet Onion Country (101.7-FM) - Call Sweet Onion Country in the mornings (538-1017) with your birthday or anniversary and you can have a chance to win the Sweet Onion Country Birthday Club which consists of one free 8" Sub Combo Meal from Larry's Giant Subs on the strip in Vidalia. Our most recent win on WYUM was Vickie McCumbers on Friday, July 14, 2017.

NOTE: You may view to the last 3 weeks of our Birthday/Anniversary wins in the list below. This list is cleaned out during the first week of each month.

Click To View By Name

Name- - Date-- Station
Abigail Allmond2017-02-21WTCQ
Abigail Brinson2016-11-01WYUM
Abigail Tapley2016-10-20WTCQ
Adam Brown2016-11-17WTCQ
Adam Dupree2016-11-10WTCQ
Adam Patrick2016-12-02WTCQ
Addison Botellho2016-08-31WTCQ
Addison Fischer2017-04-25WYUM
Adelyn Evans2016-06-28WTCQ
Adelyn Evans2017-06-28WTCQ
Adora Brown2016-12-14WTCQ
Adrienne Jordan2016-11-17WYUM
Ahmad Carter2017-02-16WYUM
Ahmad Carter2016-02-16WTCQ
Aidyn Driggers2016-11-28WYUM
Alan Humphrey2016-12-23WTCQ
Alana Palmer2016-10-11WTCQ
Albert Roundtree2016-02-19WTCQ
Albert Roundtree2017-02-20WTCQ
Alberto Ramos2016-09-08WYUM
Alex Edge2017-04-11WYUM
Alexie Carroll2016-06-09WTCQ
Alexis Hutto Fox2016-02-24WTCQ
Alexis Hutto Fox2017-02-24WTCQ
Alice Joyner2016-09-21WYUM
Alicia Henry2016-11-08WTCQ
Alicia Stanley2016-03-18WTCQ
Alivia Patrick2016-08-22WYUM
Allan Dykes2017-02-13WTCQ
Allison Conrad2016-02-08WTCQ
Allison Conrad2017-02-08WTCQ
Alvin & Margaret Holton2017-06-30WYUM
Amanda Lockley2017-04-11WTCQ
Amanda Morgan2016-08-19WYUM
Amic Roberson2017-01-16WYUM
Andrea Burkett2016-03-30WTCQ
Andy Peterson2016-10-12WYUM
Angela Findley2016-05-04WTCQ
Angela Fountain2016-11-02WYUM
Angie Anderson2017-02-13WYUM
Angie Kearns2016-12-13WTCQ
Anijah Black2017-06-21WTCQ
Ann O'Conner2017-06-12WTCQ
Anna Kate Joyner2016-07-26WYUM
Anna Patrick2016-09-26WTCQ
Anne Richard2017-06-23WYUM
Anne West 2017-03-28WYUM
Anne West2016-03-28WYUM
Antonique Canty2016-11-22WTCQ
Ashley Davis Crump2016-07-28WTCQ
Ashley Summerlin2016-06-24WYUM
Austin Holcomb2017-05-02WYUM
Austin Holcomb2016-05-02WTCQ
Austin Thompson2016-11-21WTCQ
Ava Burkett2017-03-17WTCQ
Ava Burkett2016-03-17WTCQ
Avery Phillips2017-01-12WTCQ
Bailey Collins2016-12-29WTCQ
Bailey Rae Hampton2017-01-04WTCQ
Barbara Calhoun2017-06-26WYUM
Becky Bruno2017-07-07WTCQ
Belinda Denmark2017-01-11WYUM
Belinda Denmark - Five Points Community2017-01-11WYUM
Belinda Jorner2016-07-05WYUM
Ben Stanfield2016-06-13WYUM
Ben Stanfield2016-06-13WTCQ
Bennie & Kristy Jernigan2016-06-08WTCQ
Benton Johnson2016-06-02WYUM
Benton Page2016-10-18WTCQ
Bessie Jackson2017-02-01WTCQ
Betty Frisby2016-09-20WYUM
Betty June Dale2017-04-03WYUM
Betty Lockley2016-02-08WYUM
Betty Lockley2017-02-07WYUM
Betty NeeSmith2016-08-12WYUM
Betty Sowell2016-08-08WTCQ
Bill & Melvina Braddy2016-05-11WYUM
Bill Kight2017-05-22WYUM
Bob Whittaker2016-06-30WYUM
Bobbie & Mark Humphrey2017-05-03WYUM
Braelyn Thomas2016-05-27WYUM
Brandon Brewer2017-03-10WTCQ
Brandon Coleman2017-01-05WYUM
Brandon Evans2016-07-15WTCQ
Brandon Phillips2016-05-23WTCQ
Brandon Phillips2017-05-23WYUM
Brantley Beasley2016-04-21WTCQ
Brayden McCall2016-03-07WTCQ
Braylen Coursey2016-06-07WYUM
Brenda Hutcheson2016-10-07WYUM
Brendan Stokes2017-03-24WTCQ
Brendon Ogle2016-11-07WYUM
Brian Beasley2016-03-08WYUM
Brian Durden2016-10-03WYUM
Brice Clements2016-05-10WYUM
Brittany & Brandon Vincent2016-03-18WYUM
Brittany Black2016-04-19WTCQ
Brittany Smiley2016-08-09WTCQ
Brody Selph2016-08-25WYUM
Brooke Waller2016-04-06WTCQ
Brooklyn Kramer2016-08-30WTCQ
Bubba & Connie Richardson2016-12-16WYUM
Bubba Richardson2016-07-11WYUM
Buddy Hartley2016-05-27WTCQ
Buddy Smith2016-10-14WYUM
Cage McClendon2017-05-08WTCQ
Caleb Bridges2016-05-05WTCQ
Cam Richardson2017-02-24WYUM
Cameron Burkett2016-11-07WTCQ
Cameron Reeves2016-06-09WYUM
Cameron Reeves2017-06-09WYUM
Cameron White2016-04-29WTCQ
Canyon Beck2016-12-22WTCQ
Carolyn Dickerson2016-03-11WTCQ
Carrie McRae2016-02-03WTCQ
Carroll Williams2016-03-21WTCQ
Carson McClellan2016-12-01WTCQ
Casey Mosley2016-12-09WYUM
Cason Thompson2016-08-26WTCQ
Cassandra Evans2016-03-25WYUM
Cassandra Evans2017-03-27WYUM
Cassandra Williamson2016-12-30WTCQ
Catherine Thigpen2016-09-14WYUM
Caylie Burton 2017-03-13WTCQ
Cecilia Thompson2016-02-02WYUM
Chace O'Conner2017-05-26WTCQ
Chad Kenny2016-07-27WYUM
Charles Tapley2016-12-21WTCQ
Charlie Brinson2017-01-20WYUM
Charlie Channel2016-06-14WTCQ
Charlie Channel2017-06-14WTCQ
Charlie Gillenwater2016-07-05WTCQ
Chase Cooper2016-11-14WTCQ
Chase Moxley2016-07-21WYUM
Chasie Morgan2017-03-29WYUM
Chazz Youmans2017-02-23WYUM
Chelsey Hilton2016-12-01WYUM
Chester O'Neal2016-04-04WTCQ
Cheyenne Daniels2016-05-31WTCQ
Cheyenne Swain2016-04-20WTCQ
Cheyenne Swain2017-04-20WTCQ
Chole Dupree2016-11-04WTCQ
Christian Davis2017-04-27WTCQ
Christian Reeves2016-08-04WTCQ
Christie Jernagan2017-01-26WYUM
Christina Herb2016-06-15WTCQ
Christopher Clark2016-08-01WTCQ
Chuck Page2016-07-18WYUM
Cierra Thatcher2016-03-16WYUM
Claire Gault2016-05-25WYUM
Claire Moxley2016-03-10WYUM
Clarence & Cadence Boston2017-04-26WYUM
Clarence & Ruby Nell Sanders2016-06-28WYUM
Claudia Sanchez2016-11-11WTCQ
Clay & Peggy Warnock2017-03-23WYUM
Clayton Harvey2016-10-21WYUM
Cliff & April Finch2016-10-06WYUM
Clinton Mincy2017-03-02WYUM
Cody Martinez2016-05-19WYUM
Cole Schuchman2016-10-05WTCQ
Cole Thompson2016-05-18WYUM
Connie Brown2017-04-28WYUM
Connie RIchardson2016-07-13WYUM
Connie Richardson2017-07-13WYUM
Cooper Bishop2016-11-28WTCQ
Cortney Gorden2016-03-03WTCQ
Courtney Campbell2017-07-14WTCQ
Courtney Kirkland2016-10-19WTCQ
Craig & Elise Dismuke2017-06-21WYUM
Cristian Scott2016-05-16WYUM
Cynthia Waring2016-04-12WTCQ
Dale Johnson2017-06-29WYUM
Dale Johnson2016-06-29WYUM
Damian Parrish2016-08-29WTCQ
Dan & Steffi Sowell2016-08-02WYUM
Daniel Asberry2016-04-19WYUM
Daniel Asberry2017-04-19WTCQ
Daniel Dykes2017-01-09WYUM
Daniel O'Neal2017-04-10WTCQ
Daniel Saunders2016-08-24WYUM
Danny Brad Carter2017-01-13WTCQ
Danny Smith2017-01-27WTCQ
Darby Roberson2016-10-11WYUM
Darby Roberson2016-10-12WTCQ
Darin Toole2016-11-10WYUM
Dave & Jane Carroll2017-06-22WTCQ
David Burkett2016-06-27WTCQ
David Findley2016-08-11WYUM
David Johnson2016-06-17WYUM
Dawson McLendon2016-09-23WTCQ
Dean Tanner2017-07-03WYUM
Debra Webb2016-05-19WTCQ
Deidra Boston2016-09-13WTCQ
Deonte Terrelle2016-06-10WTCQ
Deron Jackson 2017-03-27WTCQ
Destiny Kirkland2016-06-03WTCQ
Diane Clark2016-06-14WYUM
Diane Green2016-06-02WTCQ
Diane Samples2017-02-01WYUM
Dillow Brantley2016-04-15WYUM
DJ Matthews2016-02-11WTCQ
DJ McRae2016-05-17WTCQ
Donna & Danny Jones2016-08-30WYUM
Donna & Dover Williamson2016-05-04WYUM
Donna Burton2016-12-06WTCQ
Donna Waller2017-03-01WYUM
Dora Trevino2016-02-03WYUM
Dora Trevino2017-02-03WYUM
Dottie Mosley2016-05-09WYUM
Dugan Johnson2016-09-29WTCQ
Dustin Booth2016-09-30WYUM
Dylan Thigpen2017-01-09WTCQ
Dylan Womack2017-02-22WYUM
Earl Williams2016-05-12WTCQ
Easton Thigpen2017-02-03WTCQ
Eddie Dowd2017-04-07WTCQ
Eliza Brantley2016-07-06WTCQ
Elizabeth Mosley2016-07-08WTCQ
Ella Grace Richardson2017-03-08WYUM
Elliott Johnson2016-11-11WYUM
Emily Blake2017-04-19WYUM
Emma Kate Palmer2016-07-14WYUM
Emma Vinson2017-01-06WTCQ
Emma Wright2016-10-07WTCQ
Emmett & Belinda Denmark2016-02-01WYUM
Esten Clements2017-04-27WYUM
Ethan Kramer2016-10-05WYUM
Ethan Welch2016-07-21WTCQ
Evelyn Powell2017-05-25WTCQ
Evelyn Powell2016-05-25WTCQ
Faith Futch 2017-04-12WTCQ
Falyn Holland2016-07-11WTCQ
Felicia Waters2016-10-10WTCQ
Floyd & Lucy Kramer2017-04-20WYUM
Frank Allen Kersey2016-08-26WYUM
Fred Ward2017-06-30WTCQ
Gage Brantley2016-06-22WTCQ
Gage Ricks2016-08-12WTCQ
Gail Meadows2016-04-06WYUM
Garland Peoples2017-06-12WYUM
Gavin Reynolds2016-10-06WTCQ
Genell Morris2016-12-02WYUM
Geneva Toler2017-06-08WYUM
Gina Lane2016-08-02WTCQ
Ginger Moxley2016-08-19WTCQ
Glen & Kathy Phillips2017-04-10WYUM
Glen Garnett2016-05-13WYUM
Glenn & Kathy Phillips2016-04-11WYUM
Glenn Garrett2016-05-13WYUM
Grace Holt2016-08-11WTCQ
Gracie McClendon2016-02-12WTCQ
Gray Humphrey2016-03-31WYUM
Grayson Sellers2016-11-16WTCQ
Greg McKenzie2016-09-14WTCQ
Griffin Toler - Vidalia2017-01-13WYUM
Hailee Newell2016-07-19WTCQ
Hali Pope2016-04-15WTCQ
Hannah Mixon2016-12-05WTCQ
Hayden Ford2016-07-08WYUM
Hayden Wilcher2017-04-14WTCQ
Hayden Williamson2016-02-22WTCQ
Heather Lynn2016-08-03WTCQ
Heather Mead2017-06-23WTCQ
Helen Walker2016-10-27WYUM
Hensley Terwilliger2016-08-25WTCQ
Herb Ethridge2017-03-21WYUM
Herbert McMillan2016-08-08WYUM
Hugh & Johnnie FoskeyWYUM
Hugh & Johnnie Foskey2016-04-29WYUM
Hugh Nelms2017-05-04WYUM
Hunter Bradford2016-07-20WYUM
Hunter Faircloth2016-10-28WYUM
Hunter Joiner2017-03-23WTCQ
Hunter Joiner2016-03-23WTCQ
Hunter Palma2016-09-02WYUM
Isaiah Evans - 14 - Uvalda2017-01-10WYUM
Isaih Evans2017-01-10WTCQ
Isiah Evans - 14 - Uvalda2017-01-10WYUM
Jack Palmer2016-03-29WYUM
Jackson Davis2017-02-10WTCQ
Jackson McCarty2016-11-08WYUM
Jacky McCumbers2016-12-23WYUM
Jacobe Mobley2016-09-09WTCQ
Jada Bloodworth2017-02-28WYUM
Jada Bloodworth2016-03-01WYUM
Jadyen Morris2017-02-16WTCQ
Jailyn Jackson2016-02-04WYUM
Jake Davis2016-11-30WTCQ
Jamall Jackson2016-04-18WTCQ
James & Linda Weber2016-05-06WYUM
James & Toni Narron2017-06-28WYUM
James B. Parrish2016-11-15WYUM
James Dykes2017-04-28WTCQ
James Moxley2017-03-16WYUM
Jamie Thompson2016-04-25WYUM
Jane Hicks2016-02-29WTCQ
Janice Butler2016-09-21WTCQ
Janna Conner 2016-07-01WTCQ
Jaquez Kelly2016-11-01WTCQ
Jarrett Jackson2016-05-20WTCQ
Jarrod McDonald2016-08-04WYUM
Jason Foskey Jr.2016-04-04WYUM
Jason Pierce2016-08-10WYUM
Jay Sineath2016-11-15WTCQ
Jeanette Darden2017-04-12WYUM
Jeff & Lisa McCormick2016-03-02WYUM
Jeff Mimbs2016-09-19WTCQ
Jeffrey Mosley2016-07-07WTCQ
Jenna Mead2017-07-11WTCQ
Jenna Mead2017-07-11WTCQ
Jennette Darden2016-04-12WYUM
Jennifer Young2016-10-20WYUM
Jeremy Creamer2017-05-26WYUM
Jerry & Kathy Stephens2016-07-29WYUM
Jerry Newell2017-03-14WYUM
Jerry Newell2016-03-14WYUM
Jerry Stephens 2016-12-27WYUM
Jessa Crump WTCQ
Jesse Conley2016-11-04WYUM
Jesselynn Jordan2016-10-26WTCQ
Jessica Hutcheson2016-02-22WYUM
Jessica Spikes2016-08-15WTCQ
Jessie Carter2016-12-07WTCQ
Jesslyn Collins2017-07-10WTCQ
Jimma Carroll2017-02-27WTCQ
Jimmy Edwards2016-07-28WYUM
Joan Raby2017-05-23WTCQ
Jocelyn Harvill2016-07-22WTCQ
Jocey Wyatt2016-07-13WTCQ
Jodie Hutchison2016-07-06WYUM
Joey Beasley2016-06-17WTCQ
Joey Memory2017-05-24WYUM
John Caraway2016-03-17WYUM
John Mincey Jr2016-10-26WYUM
Johnny & Pam Griggers 2016-12-19WYUM
Johnny Griggers2016-04-07WYUM
Johnny Griggers2017-04-07WYUM
Johnny Shinholster2016-09-07WYUM
Jordan Dorsey2016-09-12WTCQ
Jordan Griffin2017-02-14WYUM
Jose' Lopez2016-07-12WTCQ
Jose` Lopez2017-07-13WTCQ
Josh Foskey2016-12-20WTCQ
Josie Toole2016-05-03WYUM
Joyce & Donnie Knight2017-06-15WYUM
Judy Yount 2017-01-24WTCQ
Julia Thomas2017-06-15WTCQ
Julie & Russ Wagner2017-02-17
Julie Spivey2016-04-05WYUM
June Davis 2017-03-10WYUM
Junior Bittle2017-04-04WTCQ
Junior Miller2017-06-05WYUM
Junior Williamson2016-09-19WYUM
Justin Badie2017-01-30WTCQ
Justin Johnson2016-09-27WTCQ
Justin Mosley2016-03-24WYUM
Kadien Jordan2016-03-16WTCQ
Kadin Jordan2017-03-16WTCQ
Kaiden Vincent2017-06-13WYUM
Kailee Spivey2017-05-01WYUM
Kaitlyn Daniels2017-04-06WTCQ
Kaitlyn Grimm2017-01-03WYUM
Kaleb Janice2017-04-18WTCQ
Kara Swearingen2016-06-10WYUM
Karen & Alan Layne2016-11-09WYUM
Karen Jackson2016-07-18WTCQ
Kasey Taylor2016-10-17WYUM
Kathy Evans2016-08-03WYUM
Katie Conley2016-10-21WTCQ
Kaylee McGowen2017-04-17WYUM
Keeley Wright2017-01-05WTCQ
Keith Kramer2016-02-05WYUM
Kelliee Sharpton2016-03-03WYUM
Kelly McClellan 2016-06-21WTCQ
Kelsey Spivey2017-06-26WTCQ
Kelsey Spivey2016-06-27WYUM
Kelsi Rowland2016-02-26WTCQ
Ken Rush2017-07-07WYUM
Kendyll Crump2016-03-28WTCQ
Kenna Hollis2016-06-01WYUM
Kennedy Beasley2017-04-13WTCQ
Kennedy Beasley2016-04-13WTCQ
Kenneth & Connie Sowell2016-02-15WYUM
Kenneth & Wanda Wiggs2016-08-15WYUM
Kenneth and Connie Sowell2017-02-15WYUM
Kevia Taylor2016-03-04WTCQ
Kevia Taylor2017-03-06WTCQ
Kevin & Alexa Britton2016-06-30WTCQ
Kevin Hutchinson II2017-02-09WTCQ
Kevin Hutchison II2016-02-09WTCQ
Kim & Bobby George2017-04-03WTCQ
Kim Parrish2017-03-21WTCQ
Kimberly Taylor2016-04-05WTCQ
Konner Owens2016-05-10WTCQ
Kory Powell2016-12-05WYUM
Kris Lynn Freeman 2017-04-24WTCQ
Kurein Bacon2017-05-22WTCQ
Kyleigh Johnson2016-10-14WTCQ
Kylie Brown2017-06-20WYUM
La'Shayla Danford2017-06-29WTCQ
Lacy Faircloth2016-11-18WYUM
Laina Williams2016-10-27WTCQ
Lake Wright2016-03-02WTCQ
Lamar Hutcheson2016-04-20WYUM
Landon Collins2016-10-31WTCQ
Landon Harvill2016-07-27WTCQ
Landon Waters2016-02-10WTCQ
Lane Adams2016-11-22WYUM
Lash Hayes2017-03-13WYUM
Lauren & Jay Howard2016-06-23WYUM
Lauren Brinson2016-05-12WYUM
Lauren Howard2016-03-22WYUM
Lauren Howard2016-03-22WTCQ
Lauren Howard2017-03-22WYUM
Lauren Howard2017-03-22WTCQ
Leanna Connell2016-03-10WTCQ
Lee McDonald2017-05-25WYUM
Leigh Spivey2016-11-09WTCQ
Leila Smith2016-03-15WYUM
Leilani Horton2016-06-07WTCQ
Leonard Willis2016-02-17WYUM
Leslie Jackson 2017-03-03WYUM
Lester Clark2017-03-06WYUM
Levi Palmer2016-12-27WTCQ
Lexy Osborne2016-02-19WYUM
Libby Hutcheson2016-09-13WYUM
Lilly Taylor2016-09-01WTCQ
Lilly Worth 7 - Vidalia2017-01-12WYUM
Linda Banks2017-01-17WYUM
Linda Collins2016-09-12WYUM
Linda Dawson2016-08-10WTCQ
Linda Fountain2016-12-21WYUM
Linda Lott2016-10-10WYUM
Linda Quigley2016-02-25WYUM
Lindsey Jackson2016-04-11WTCQ
Lindy Arnold2016-10-28WTCQ
Lisa Coursey2016-11-21WYUM
Lisa Hartley2016-07-26WTCQ
Lisa Herron2016-09-06WTCQ
Lisa Tidmore2016-12-20WYUM
LJ Hernandez2017-02-14WTCQ
Lorenzo Taylor2016-07-14WTCQ
Loretta Palmer2016-04-18WYUM
Lucas O'Conner2016-10-13WTCQ
Lucindy Hightower2016-09-06WYUM
Lucy & Floyd Kramer2016-04-21WYUM
Lucy Allmond2016-06-16WTCQ
Luke Crosby2016-12-19WTCQ
Luke Palmer2016-02-23WTCQ
Macie Strickland2017-04-04WYUM
Mackenzie Thompson2017-03-01WTCQ
Madi Mimbs2016-11-18WTCQ
Madisyn CorbettWTCQ
Maggie Beach2017-02-02WTCQ
Maggie Beach2016-02-02WTCQ
Maggie Meeks2016-02-01WTCQ
Maggie Meeks2017-01-31WTCQ
Makayla Wells2016-09-15WTCQ
Makayla Wells2016-09-15WYUM
Makenzie Thigpen2016-12-28WTCQ
Mallory Maddow2016-12-22WYUM
Mamie Hurst 2016-12-12WYUM
Mamie Johnson2017-07-11WYUM
Mamie Turner2016-02-12WYUM
Mandy Daniels 2017-02-23WTCQ
Marcia Batchelor2017-01-31WYUM
Mareesa Zuniga2016-05-13WTCQ
Margaret McDonald2016-11-23WYUM
Margret Holten2016-04-27WYUM
Mark & Bobbie Humphrey2016-05-03WTCQ
Marlee Rewis2016-07-19WYUM
Marsha Haynes2016-08-18WTCQ
Martha Faye Parrish2016-10-19WYUM
Mary Anne Jordan 2017-05-08WYUM
Mary Beasley 2017-01-23WYUM
Mary Curl2016-10-31WYUM
Mary Strickland2016-03-29WTCQ
Mason Connell2016-06-23WTCQ
Mason Toole2016-04-25WTCQ
Mason Toole2017-04-25WTCQ
Matt Richardson2016-08-05WYUM
Matt Waller2016-07-07WYUM
Matthew Hill 2017-01-16WTCQ
Max Driggers2017-02-02WYUM
Maxwell Jordan2016-05-09WTCQ
McKenzie Grimm2016-04-26WYUM
Meagan Millsaps2016-03-25WTCQ
Mega Scott2016-02-09WYUM
Melanie Outlar2017-02-28WTCQ
Melba Mosley2016-04-14WYUM
Melissa Coleman2016-02-24WYUM
Melissa Lockley2016-02-26WYUM
Melody Page2016-08-24WTCQ
Micah Clifton2017-03-20WTCQ
Michael Campbell 2017-03-07WYUM
Michael Childs2016-07-25WTCQ
Michael Evans 2017-03-20WYUM
Michael Grimes2017-04-14WYUM
Michael Hollis2016-05-23WYUM
Michael Palma2016-03-21WYUM
Michael Thomas2016-04-28WTCQ
Michael Waller2016-04-22WTCQ
Michelle Maybin2016-05-16WTCQ
Michelle Mimms2016-04-01WTCQ
Missy Owens2016-08-23WTCQ
Morgan Durrence2016-04-27WTCQ
Mr. Audrey Humphrey2016-06-08WYUM
Myles Lockley2017-06-20WTCQ
Nancy Lawrence2016-03-09WTCQ
Natalie Quintero2016-07-29WTCQ
Nevaeh Revels2016-04-28WYUM
Nicole Wheeler2017-01-06WYUM
Niya Carswell2016-09-08WTCQ
Noah Simpson2016-10-04WTCQ
Nuketa Butler2016-03-31WTCQ
Olivia Johnson2016-03-30WYUM
Om Patel2017-04-05WTCQ
Omar Bell2017-03-31WTCQ
Owen O'Conner2016-04-08WTCQ
Pam Legrant2016-11-23WTCQ


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Date- - Name-- Station
2017-07-14Vickie McCumbersWYUM
2017-07-14Courtney CampbellWTCQ
2017-07-13Jose` LopezWTCQ
2017-07-13Connie RichardsonWYUM
2017-07-12Rose MitchymWYUM
2017-07-12Rose MitchymWTCQ
2017-07-11Mamie JohnsonWYUM
2017-07-11Jenna MeadWTCQ
2017-07-11Jenna MeadWTCQ
2017-07-10Jesslyn CollinsWTCQ
2017-07-10Ricky HallWYUM
2017-07-07Ken RushWYUM
2017-07-07Becky BrunoWTCQ
2017-07-03Dean TannerWYUM
2017-06-30Fred WardWTCQ
2017-06-30Alvin & Margaret HoltonWYUM
2017-06-29Dale JohnsonWYUM
2017-06-29La'Shayla DanfordWTCQ
2017-06-28James & Toni NarronWYUM
2017-06-28Adelyn EvansWTCQ
2017-06-26Barbara CalhounWYUM
2017-06-26Kelsey SpiveyWTCQ
2017-06-23Heather MeadWTCQ
2017-06-23Anne RichardWYUM
2017-06-22Vindia RaifordWYUM
2017-06-22Dave & Jane CarrollWTCQ
2017-06-21Craig & Elise DismukeWYUM
2017-06-21Anijah BlackWTCQ
2017-06-20Kylie BrownWYUM
2017-06-20Myles LockleyWTCQ
2017-06-15Julia ThomasWTCQ
2017-06-15Joyce & Donnie KnightWYUM
2017-06-14Shirley AndersonWYUM
2017-06-14Charlie ChannelWTCQ
2017-06-13Kaiden VincentWYUM
2017-06-12Garland PeoplesWYUM
2017-06-12Ann O'ConnerWTCQ
2017-06-09Cameron ReevesWYUM
2017-06-08Geneva TolerWYUM
2017-06-05Junior MillerWYUM
2017-05-26Jeremy CreamerWYUM
2017-05-26Chace O'ConnerWTCQ
2017-05-25Lee McDonaldWYUM
2017-05-25Evelyn PowellWTCQ
2017-05-24Joey MemoryWYUM
2017-05-24Tanner WhitakerWTCQ
2017-05-23Joan RabyWTCQ
2017-05-23Brandon PhillipsWYUM
2017-05-22Kurein BaconWTCQ
2017-05-22Bill KightWYUM
2017-05-09Tammy WigginsWYUM
2017-05-08Mary Anne Jordan WYUM
2017-05-08Cage McClendonWTCQ
2017-05-04Hugh NelmsWYUM
2017-05-03Bobbie & Mark HumphreyWYUM
2017-05-02Austin HolcombWYUM
2017-05-01Ronnie ThompsonWTCQ
2017-05-01Kailee SpiveyWYUM
2017-04-28Connie BrownWYUM
2017-04-28James DykesWTCQ
2017-04-27Esten ClementsWYUM
2017-04-27Christian DavisWTCQ
2017-04-26Clarence & Cadence BostonWYUM
2017-04-25Mason TooleWTCQ
2017-04-25Addison FischerWYUM
2017-04-24Kris Lynn Freeman WTCQ
2017-04-20Floyd & Lucy KramerWYUM
2017-04-20Cheyenne SwainWTCQ
2017-04-19Emily BlakeWYUM
2017-04-19Daniel AsberryWTCQ
2017-04-18Kaleb JaniceWTCQ
2017-04-18Todd RawlinsWYUM
2017-04-17Kaylee McGowenWYUM
2017-04-14Michael GrimesWYUM
2017-04-14Hayden WilcherWTCQ
2017-04-13Kennedy BeasleyWTCQ
2017-04-12Faith Futch WTCQ
2017-04-12Jeanette DardenWYUM
2017-04-11Alex EdgeWYUM
2017-04-11Amanda LockleyWTCQ
2017-04-10Glen & Kathy PhillipsWYUM
2017-04-10Daniel O'NealWTCQ
2017-04-07Johnny GriggersWYUM
2017-04-07Eddie DowdWTCQ
2017-04-06Zora Ann CollinsWYUM
2017-04-06Kaitlyn DanielsWTCQ
2017-04-05Om PatelWTCQ
2017-04-04Junior BittleWTCQ
2017-04-04Macie StricklandWYUM
2017-04-03Kim & Bobby GeorgeWTCQ
2017-04-03Betty June DaleWYUM
2017-03-31Omar BellWTCQ
2017-03-29Chasie MorganWYUM
2017-03-28Anne West WYUM
2017-03-27Deron Jackson WTCQ
2017-03-27Cassandra EvansWYUM
2017-03-24Phyllis HollingsworthWYUM
2017-03-24Brendan StokesWTCQ
2017-03-23Clay & Peggy WarnockWYUM
2017-03-23Hunter JoinerWTCQ
2017-03-22Lauren HowardWYUM
2017-03-22Lauren HowardWTCQ
2017-03-21Herb EthridgeWYUM
2017-03-21Kim ParrishWTCQ
2017-03-20Micah CliftonWTCQ
2017-03-20Michael Evans WYUM
2017-03-17Sonya VaughnWYUM
2017-03-17Ava BurkettWTCQ
2017-03-16James MoxleyWYUM
2017-03-16Kadin JordanWTCQ
2017-03-14Jerry NewellWYUM
2017-03-13Lash HayesWYUM
2017-03-13Caylie Burton WTCQ
2017-03-10June Davis WYUM
2017-03-10Brandon BrewerWTCQ
2017-03-09Sandra ClarkWYUM
2017-03-08Ella Grace RichardsonWYUM
2017-03-08Trenton TharpeWTCQ
2017-03-07Michael Campbell WYUM
2017-03-07Regan NorfleetWTCQ
2017-03-06Lester ClarkWYUM
2017-03-06Kevia TaylorWTCQ
2017-03-03Leslie Jackson WYUM
2017-03-03Theresa ThigpenWTCQ
2017-03-02Ryan WigginsWTCQ
2017-03-02Clinton MincyWYUM
2017-03-01Donna WallerWYUM
2017-03-01Mackenzie ThompsonWTCQ
2017-02-28Melanie OutlarWTCQ
2017-02-28Jada BloodworthWYUM
2017-02-27Vivian Harrell WYUM
2017-02-27Jimma CarrollWTCQ
2017-02-24Alexis Hutto FoxWTCQ
2017-02-24Cam RichardsonWYUM
2017-02-23Chazz YoumansWYUM
2017-02-23Mandy Daniels WTCQ
2017-02-22Vera RockWTCQ
2017-02-22Dylan WomackWYUM
2017-02-21Abigail AllmondWTCQ
2017-02-21Steve & Tina Reese WYUM
2017-02-20Robert Morrison WYUM
2017-02-20Albert RoundtreeWTCQ
2017-02-17Julie & Russ Wagner
2017-02-17Stasia SimsWTCQ
2017-02-16Jadyen MorrisWTCQ
2017-02-16Ahmad CarterWYUM
2017-02-15Kenneth and Connie SowellWYUM
2017-02-15Rosa AsberryWTCQ
2017-02-14Jordan GriffinWYUM
2017-02-14LJ HernandezWTCQ
2017-02-13Allan DykesWTCQ
2017-02-13Angie AndersonWYUM
2017-02-10Terry PhillipsWYUM
2017-02-10Jackson DavisWTCQ
2017-02-09Kevin Hutchinson IIWTCQ
2017-02-08Allison ConradWTCQ
2017-02-08Sherry ChavisWYUM
2017-02-07Betty LockleyWYUM
2017-02-07Tosh PalmerWTCQ
2017-02-06Randall & Eveyln James WYUM
2017-02-06Shelby HelmsWTCQ
2017-02-03Dora TrevinoWYUM
2017-02-03Easton ThigpenWTCQ
2017-02-02Max DriggersWYUM
2017-02-02Maggie BeachWTCQ
2017-02-01Bessie JacksonWTCQ
2017-02-01Diane SamplesWYUM
2017-01-31Marcia BatchelorWYUM
2017-01-31Maggie MeeksWTCQ
2017-01-30Justin BadieWTCQ
2017-01-30Steve ReeseWYUM
2017-01-27Scott SowellWYUM
2017-01-27Danny SmithWTCQ
2017-01-26Christie JernaganWYUM
2017-01-24Ronnie DavisWYUM
2017-01-24Judy Yount WTCQ
2017-01-23Perry Lee McCaw Jr WTCQ
2017-01-23Mary Beasley WYUM
2017-01-20Charlie BrinsonWYUM
2017-01-20Shirley DowdWTCQ
2017-01-19Vanessa BrinsonWTCQ
2017-01-19Roger Lee Phillips JrWYUM
2017-01-18Slade HollandWTCQ
2017-01-18Tonya WardWYUM
2017-01-17Linda BanksWYUM
2017-01-17Shelia HuntWTCQ
2017-01-16Matthew Hill WTCQ
2017-01-16Amic RobersonWYUM
2017-01-13Griffin Toler - VidaliaWYUM
2017-01-13Danny Brad CarterWTCQ
2017-01-12Lilly Worth 7 - VidaliaWYUM
2017-01-12Avery PhillipsWTCQ
2017-01-11Belinda DenmarkWYUM
2017-01-11Belinda Denmark - Five Points CommunityWYUM
2017-01-11Zoey ThomasWTCQ
2017-01-10Isaih EvansWTCQ
2017-01-10Isiah Evans - 14 - UvaldaWYUM
2017-01-10Isaiah Evans - 14 - UvaldaWYUM
2017-01-09Daniel DykesWYUM
2017-01-09Dylan ThigpenWTCQ
2017-01-06Nicole WheelerWYUM
2017-01-06Emma VinsonWTCQ
2017-01-05Keeley WrightWTCQ
2017-01-05Brandon ColemanWYUM
2017-01-04Travis DardenWYUM
2017-01-04Bailey Rae HamptonWTCQ
2017-01-03Kaitlyn GrimmWYUM
2017-01-03Skylar MooreWTCQ
2016-12-30Cassandra WilliamsonWTCQ
2016-12-29Sarah MartinWYUM
2016-12-29Bailey CollinsWTCQ
2016-12-28Makenzie ThigpenWTCQ
2016-12-27Jerry Stephens WYUM
2016-12-27Levi PalmerWTCQ
2016-12-23Alan HumphreyWTCQ
2016-12-23Jacky McCumbersWYUM
2016-12-22Mallory MaddowWYUM
2016-12-22Canyon BeckWTCQ
2016-12-21Charles TapleyWTCQ
2016-12-21Linda FountainWYUM
2016-12-20Lisa TidmoreWYUM
2016-12-20Josh FoskeyWTCQ
2016-12-19Johnny & Pam Griggers WYUM
2016-12-19Luke CrosbyWTCQ
2016-12-16Shannon GaultWTCQ
2016-12-16Bubba & Connie RichardsonWYUM
2016-12-15Rylan FrazierWTCQ
2016-12-14Wanda ThompsonWYUM
2016-12-14Adora BrownWTCQ
2016-12-13Angie KearnsWTCQ
2016-12-12Mamie Hurst WYUM
2016-12-12Shirley FountainWTCQ
2016-12-09Casey MosleyWYUM
2016-12-09Riley HesterWTCQ
2016-12-08Skylar WilliamsWTCQ
2016-12-07Jessie CarterWTCQ
2016-12-07Regan CorbittWYUM
2016-12-06Sandra TooleWYUM
2016-12-06Donna BurtonWTCQ
2016-12-05Hannah MixonWTCQ
2016-12-05Kory PowellWYUM
2016-12-02Genell MorrisWYUM
2016-12-02Adam PatrickWTCQ
2016-12-01Chelsey HiltonWYUM
2016-12-01Carson McClellanWTCQ
2016-11-30Jake DavisWTCQ
2016-11-30Tommy Lee MincyWYUM
2016-11-29Patsy CampbellWYUM
2016-11-29Railee ThomasWTCQ
2016-11-28Aidyn DriggersWYUM
2016-11-28Cooper BishopWTCQ
2016-11-23Margaret McDonaldWYUM
2016-11-23Pam LegrantWTCQ
2016-11-22Lane AdamsWYUM
2016-11-22Antonique CantyWTCQ
2016-11-21Austin ThompsonWTCQ
2016-11-21Lisa CourseyWYUM
2016-11-18Lacy FairclothWYUM
2016-11-18Madi MimbsWTCQ
2016-11-17Adrienne JordanWYUM
2016-11-17Adam BrownWTCQ
2016-11-16Grayson SellersWTCQ
2016-11-16Tammy HinsonWYUM
2016-11-15James B. ParrishWYUM
2016-11-15Jay SineathWTCQ
2016-11-14Todd & Melinda Rollins WYUM
2016-11-14Chase CooperWTCQ
2016-11-11Claudia SanchezWTCQ
2016-11-11Elliott JohnsonWYUM
2016-11-10Darin TooleWYUM
2016-11-10Adam DupreeWTCQ
2016-11-09Leigh SpiveyWTCQ
2016-11-09Karen & Alan LayneWYUM
2016-11-08Jackson McCartyWYUM
2016-11-08Alicia HenryWTCQ
2016-11-07Brendon OgleWYUM
2016-11-07Cameron BurkettWTCQ
2016-11-04Chole DupreeWTCQ
2016-11-04Jesse ConleyWYUM
2016-11-03Trendon DardenWYUM
2016-11-03Vincent AndersonWTCQ
2016-11-02Tyree ButlerWTCQ
2016-11-02Angela FountainWYUM
2016-11-01Abigail BrinsonWYUM
2016-11-01Jaquez KellyWTCQ
2016-10-31Mary CurlWYUM
2016-10-31Landon CollinsWTCQ
2016-10-28Lindy ArnoldWTCQ
2016-10-28Hunter FairclothWYUM
2016-10-27Helen WalkerWYUM
2016-10-27Laina WilliamsWTCQ
2016-10-26Jesselynn JordanWTCQ
2016-10-26John Mincey JrWYUM
2016-10-25Payton CorbitWYUM
2016-10-25Peyton CorbettWTCQ
2016-10-24Sherry GrimmWYUM
2016-10-24Taylor DanielsWTCQ
2016-10-21Katie ConleyWTCQ
2016-10-21Clayton HarveyWYUM
2016-10-20Jennifer YoungWYUM
2016-10-20Abigail TapleyWTCQ
2016-10-19Courtney KirklandWTCQ
2016-10-19Martha Faye ParrishWYUM
2016-10-18Willie WrightWYUM
2016-10-18Benton PageWTCQ
2016-10-17Kasey TaylorWYUM
2016-10-17Zarhia JohnsonWTCQ
2016-10-14Kyleigh JohnsonWTCQ
2016-10-14Buddy SmithWYUM
2016-10-13Lucas O'ConnerWTCQ
2016-10-12Andy PetersonWYUM
2016-10-12Darby RobersonWTCQ
2016-10-11Alana PalmerWTCQ
2016-10-11Darby RobersonWYUM
2016-10-10Linda LottWYUM
2016-10-10Felicia WatersWTCQ
2016-10-07Brenda HutchesonWYUM
2016-10-07Emma WrightWTCQ
2016-10-06Gavin ReynoldsWTCQ
2016-10-06Cliff & April FinchWYUM
2016-10-05Ethan KramerWYUM
2016-10-05Cole SchuchmanWTCQ
2016-10-04Noah SimpsonWTCQ
2016-10-04Preston MosleyWYUM
2016-10-03Brian DurdenWYUM
2016-10-03Savannah DanielsWTCQ
2016-09-30Taliyah JacksonWTCQ
2016-09-30Dustin BoothWYUM
2016-09-29Sabra WilliamsonWYUM
2016-09-29Dugan JohnsonWTCQ
2016-09-28Seth HoltonWYUM
2016-09-28Vinoria MobleyWTCQ
2016-09-27Robert & Teresa MorrisonWYUM
2016-09-27Justin JohnsonWTCQ
2016-09-26Sam McCawWYUM
2016-09-26Anna PatrickWTCQ
2016-09-23Terry FindleyWYUM
2016-09-23Dawson McLendonWTCQ
2016-09-22Trevor MillerWTCQ
2016-09-22Tracy AdamsWYUM
2016-09-22Tracy AdamsWYUM
2016-09-21Alice JoynerWYUM
2016-09-21Janice ButlerWTCQ
2016-09-20Virginia CollinsWTCQ
2016-09-20Betty FrisbyWYUM
2016-09-19Junior WilliamsonWYUM
2016-09-19Jeff MimbsWTCQ
2016-09-16Zoey SowellWYUM
2016-09-16Robert BridgesWTCQ
2016-09-15Makayla WellsWTCQ
2016-09-15Makayla WellsWYUM
2016-09-14Catherine ThigpenWYUM
2016-09-14Greg McKenzieWTCQ
2016-09-13Deidra BostonWTCQ
2016-09-13Libby HutchesonWYUM
2016-09-12Linda CollinsWYUM
2016-09-12Jordan DorseyWTCQ
2016-09-09Jacobe MobleyWTCQ
2016-09-08Niya CarswellWTCQ
2016-09-08Alberto RamosWYUM
2016-09-07Johnny ShinholsterWYUM
2016-09-07Rachel RussellWTCQ
2016-09-06Lucindy HightowerWYUM
2016-09-06Lisa HerronWTCQ
2016-09-02Tate BrantleyWTCQ
2016-09-02Hunter PalmaWYUM
2016-09-01Ryan & Jill RodgersWYUM
2016-09-01Lilly TaylorWTCQ
2016-08-31Wyman MorrisWYUM
2016-08-31Addison BotellhoWTCQ
2016-08-30Brooklyn KramerWTCQ
2016-08-30Donna & Danny JonesWYUM
2016-08-29Walt & June DavisWYUM
2016-08-29Damian ParrishWTCQ
2016-08-26Cason ThompsonWTCQ
2016-08-26Frank Allen KerseyWYUM
2016-08-25Brody SelphWYUM
2016-08-25Hensley TerwilligerWTCQ
2016-08-24Daniel SaundersWYUM
2016-08-24Melody PageWTCQ
2016-08-23Missy OwensWTCQ
2016-08-23Ryan RodgersWYUM
2016-08-22Alivia PatrickWYUM
2016-08-22Sadie CrosbyWTCQ
2016-08-19Ginger MoxleyWTCQ
2016-08-19Amanda MorganWYUM
2016-08-18Robert JoynerWYUM
2016-08-18Marsha HaynesWTCQ
2016-08-17Valerie ChambersWYUM
2016-08-17Sarah CauleyWTCQ
2016-08-16Pamela RhinerWYUM
2016-08-16Tevante SnellWTCQ
2016-08-15Kenneth & Wanda WiggsWYUM
2016-08-15Jessica SpikesWTCQ
2016-08-12Gage RicksWTCQ
2016-08-12Betty NeeSmithWYUM
2016-08-11David FindleyWYUM
2016-08-11Grace HoltWTCQ
2016-08-10Jason PierceWYUM
2016-08-10Linda DawsonWTCQ
2016-08-09Brittany SmileyWTCQ
2016-08-09Tim & Carmen SuttlesWYUM
2016-08-08Herbert McMillanWYUM
2016-08-08Betty SowellWTCQ
2016-08-05Scott & Sherr DowWTCQ
2016-08-05Matt RichardsonWYUM
2016-08-04Jarrod McDonaldWYUM
2016-08-04Christian ReevesWTCQ
2016-08-03Kathy EvansWYUM
2016-08-03Heather LynnWTCQ
2016-08-02Gina LaneWTCQ
2016-08-02Dan & Steffi SowellWYUM
2016-08-01Robert GillisWYUM
2016-08-01Christopher ClarkWTCQ
2016-07-29Natalie QuinteroWTCQ
2016-07-29Jerry & Kathy StephensWYUM
2016-07-28Jimmy EdwardsWYUM
2016-07-28Ashley Davis CrumpWTCQ
2016-07-27Chad KennyWYUM
2016-07-27Landon HarvillWTCQ
2016-07-26Lisa HartleyWTCQ
2016-07-26Anna Kate JoynerWYUM
2016-07-25Patricia HollingsworthWYUM
2016-07-25Michael ChildsWTCQ
2016-07-22Timmy HartenWYUM
2016-07-22Jocelyn HarvillWTCQ
2016-07-21Ethan WelchWTCQ
2016-07-21Chase MoxleyWYUM
2016-07-20Hunter BradfordWYUM
2016-07-20Sammy EdwardsWTCQ
2016-07-19Marlee RewisWYUM
2016-07-19Hailee NewellWTCQ
2016-07-18Karen JacksonWTCQ
2016-07-18Chuck PageWYUM
2016-07-15Sara Mitchell & Susan BrownWYUM
2016-07-15Brandon EvansWTCQ
2016-07-14Lorenzo TaylorWTCQ
2016-07-14Emma Kate PalmerWYUM
2016-07-13Connie RIchardsonWYUM
2016-07-13Jocey WyattWTCQ
2016-07-12Victor ConeyWYUM
2016-07-12Jose' LopezWTCQ
2016-07-11Falyn HollandWTCQ
2016-07-11Bubba RichardsonWYUM
2016-07-08Hayden FordWYUM
2016-07-08Elizabeth MosleyWTCQ
2016-07-07Matt WallerWYUM
2016-07-07Jeffrey MosleyWTCQ
2016-07-06Eliza BrantleyWTCQ
2016-07-06Jodie HutchisonWYUM
2016-07-05Belinda JornerWYUM
2016-07-05Charlie GillenwaterWTCQ
2016-07-01Stephanie ArnoldWYUM
2016-07-01Janna Conner WTCQ
2016-06-30Kevin & Alexa BrittonWTCQ
2016-06-30Bob WhittakerWYUM
2016-06-29Dale JohnsonWYUM
2016-06-29Shenoa CarterWTCQ
2016-06-28Adelyn EvansWTCQ
2016-06-28Clarence & Ruby Nell SandersWYUM
2016-06-27Kelsey SpiveyWYUM
2016-06-27David BurkettWTCQ
2016-06-24Ashley SummerlinWYUM
2016-06-24Shicola HudsonWTCQ
2016-06-23Mason ConnellWTCQ
2016-06-23Lauren & Jay HowardWYUM
2016-06-22Gage BrantleyWTCQ
2016-06-21Vaden DanielsWYUM
2016-06-21Kelly McClellan WTCQ
2016-06-20Stacy NailsWTCQ
2016-06-17David JohnsonWYUM
2016-06-17Joey BeasleyWTCQ
2016-06-16Sara HartWYUM
2016-06-16Lucy AllmondWTCQ
2016-06-15Christina HerbWTCQ
2016-06-14Charlie ChannelWTCQ
2016-06-14Diane ClarkWYUM
2016-06-13Ben StanfieldWYUM
2016-06-13Ben StanfieldWTCQ
2016-06-10Deonte TerrelleWTCQ
2016-06-10Kara SwearingenWYUM
2016-06-09Cameron ReevesWYUM
2016-06-09Alexie CarrollWTCQ
2016-06-08Mr. Audrey HumphreyWYUM
2016-06-08Bennie & Kristy JerniganWTCQ
2016-06-07Leilani HortonWTCQ
2016-06-07Braylen CourseyWYUM
2016-06-06Ronnie Turner WYUM
2016-06-06Ronnie TurnerWTCQ
2016-06-03Destiny KirklandWTCQ
2016-06-03Ricky HelmsWYUM
2016-06-02Benton JohnsonWYUM
2016-06-02Diane GreenWTCQ
2016-06-01Kenna HollisWYUM
2016-06-01Patrica SneadWTCQ
2016-05-31Cheyenne DanielsWTCQ
2016-05-31Shelby ThomasWYUM
2016-05-27Braelyn ThomasWYUM
2016-05-27Buddy HartleyWTCQ
2016-05-26Rileigh BarrowWTCQ
2016-05-25Claire GaultWYUM
2016-05-25Evelyn PowellWTCQ
2016-05-24Tanner WhitakerWYUM
2016-05-24Tanner WhitakerWTCQ
2016-05-23Michael HollisWYUM
2016-05-23Brandon PhillipsWTCQ
2016-05-20Jarrett JacksonWTCQ
2016-05-20Rebecca BrookerWYUM
2016-05-19Cody MartinezWYUM
2016-05-19Debra WebbWTCQ
2016-05-18Cole ThompsonWYUM
2016-05-18Trey McDanielWTCQ
2016-05-17DJ McRaeWTCQ
2016-05-17Raymond ToddWYUM
2016-05-16Cristian ScottWYUM
2016-05-16Michelle MaybinWTCQ
2016-05-13Glen GarnettWYUM
2016-05-13Glenn GarrettWYUM
2016-05-13Mareesa ZunigaWTCQ
2016-05-12Lauren BrinsonWYUM

SportsTime Trivia - NewsTalk970, Your Favorite 98Q, Sweet Onion Country, 1017FM, WYUM!

We invite you to listen to South Georgia's award-winning local sportscast each weekday morning at 7:35 o'clock and play Sportstime Trivia. 

The weekly winner receives a delicious Meal and Drink from Zaxby's in Vidalia  and qualifies to win $50 CASH from Mount Vernon Bank  the last Friday of each month!   

The winner of great food from Zaxby's on July 14 is Steve Fullum.

Our latest monthly winner of $50 in cash from the Mount Vernon Bank is Phyllis Hollingsworth. The next winner's name will be drawn Friday, July 28 at 7:45 a.m. following Sportstime.



Weekly Forecast Details

How long will you hold my winnings for me to pick them up?

Generally we will hold your prizes for thirty calendar days, unless they expire within thirty days from the day you win. Some examples include:

Braves tickets expire once the game is played so they must be picked up by 5pm the last business day before the scheduled game.

Zaxby's sportstime certificates expire two weeks from the day they are won, not picked up.

If I win, how long before I qualify to win again?

Each contest has their own criteria to determine if you are eligible for entry.

The one consistent rule is that once you have won a contest it must be 30 days before you can win another. But this rule is contingent upon the level of participation from the community; fewer participants may result in wins more frequent than 30 days.

The only exception being the Monthly Cash Drawing contest because you have to have been a weekly sportstime winner for that month to qualify to participate in the Cash Drawing.

See Contest Descriptions for contest details to include eligibility requirements.

Once I pick up my winnings, how long do I have to use them?

Each prize has its own expiration date which is noted on the prize document.

Where do I go to pick up my prize?

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We're Open From Monday - Friday 800am - 500pm excluding holidays.

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