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Movie Trivia

WTCQ - Your Favorite 98Q (97.7-FM) - Listen for and call 538-9898 to participate in Movie Trivia every Friday morning for a chance to win a movie ticket from The Sweet Onion Cinema . Winners are listed below each day. Our most recent win on WTCQ was James Seidling on Friday, September 8, 2017.

NOTE: You may view to the last 3 weeks of our Birthday/AnniversaryMovie wins in the list below. This list is cleaned out during the first week of each month.

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Name- - Date-- Station
James Seidling2017-09-08WTCQ
Jane Carroll2017-08-25WTCQ
Megan Guin2017-09-01WTCQ


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Date- - Name-- Station
2017-09-08James SeidlingWTCQ
2017-09-01Megan GuinWTCQ
2017-08-25Jane CarrollWTCQ

Office Pizza Party


Yes! You heard right. The Office Pizza Party contest is back and running full force. 

Office winners will receive three 12" 2-topping pizzas from Hardware Pizza.

Individuals can register their office right here right now: 1) using the form below, 2) call in to your Favorite 98Q during live time from 6AM till 9am at 538-9898, or 3) send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Drawings are made at 0820AM every Friday morning on your Favorite 98Q (97.7FM). The most recent Office Pizza Party winner was the Rivers Air Conditioning on Friday, September 8, 2017. Listen for your opportunity to win next Friday morning at 0830AM on your Favorite 98Q (97.7FM).

Register Here For A Chance To Win!
Winnings must be redeemed on the same day they were won by 2:00PM. Each winning Office can win only once per 90 days. Register for each weekly contest once. Any duplicate entries will be removed. Delivery Not Available.
View Winners Here

2017-09-08Rivers Air Conditioning
2017-09-01Toombs Central 4th Grade Teachers
2017-08-25East Georgia Healthcare Vidalia
2017-08-18Toombs County Health Department
2017-08-11C & C Farms Glenwood, Ga
2017-08-04Vidalia Dermatology
2017-07-14Trane Shipping Dept.
2017-07-07Oxford of Lyons
2017-06-30Phillips Pharmacy
2017-06-23Mt Vernon Bank of Mt Vernon
2017-05-26Buddy's Pools
2017-04-28Chicken of the Sea QC

Or register by phone from 6AM - 9AM at 912-538-9898

Birthday - Anniversary

WTCQ - Your Favorite 98Q (97.7-FM) - Call in your birthday or anniversary (538-9898) for our 98Q birthday/anniversary club and have a chance to win a movie ticket from The Sweet Onion Cinema, a free 8" Sub Combo Meal from Larry's Giant Subs , and a personal one-layer cake from Bill's Donut & Bake Shop . Winners are listed below each day. Our most recent win on WTCQ was Lindsey Weaver on Thursday, September 21, 2017.

WYUM - Sweet Onion Country (101.7-FM) - Call Sweet Onion Country in the mornings (538-1017) with your birthday or anniversary and you can have a chance to win the Sweet Onion Country Birthday Club which consists of one free 8" Sub Combo Meal from Larry's Giant Subs and a personal one-layer cake from Bill's Donut & Bake Shop on the strip in Vidalia. Our most recent win on WYUM was Kathy Sikes on Thursday, September 21, 2017.

Winner Expirations!
Sweet Onion Cenima: Noted on winner's ticket.
Larry's Giant Subs: 7 Days from the day the winner picks up the ticket from Vidalia Communications.
Bills' Donut & Bake Shop: By the close of business on the same day of the win.
ALL Winnings: are held no longer than 30 days.
View Winners!
If you have not picked up your winnings and your name is listed in the dropdowns below, then we still have your certificates, minus any that have expired due to the exipirations indicated on the left.

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Name  DateStation
Al & Zoe Humphrey2017-08-15WYUM
Alivia Patrick2017-08-22WTCQ
Anaiya Carswell2017-09-08WTCQ
Anne Davis2017-08-28WYUM
Beverly Padgett2017-08-18WTCQ
Brice & Debra Sikes2017-08-16WYUM
Brooklyn Kramer2017-08-30WTCQ
Bruce Leblanc2017-08-09WYUM
Bryson Hagen2017-08-16WTCQ
Cathy Phillips2017-08-21WYUM
Connie Anderson2017-09-20WTCQ
Crystal Edwards2017-08-21WTCQ
Dennis Morris2017-09-08WYUM
Dwayne & Leigh Spireg2017-08-14WYUM
Emily Kicklighter2017-08-11WTCQ
Greg Brandenberg2017-08-10WYUM
Harland Galbreath2017-09-05WYUM
Heather Lynn2017-08-03WYUM
Jerry McDonald2017-08-04WYUM
Jessica Spikes2017-08-14WTCQ
Joe Simon2017-08-18WYUM
Johnny Shinhoster2017-09-07WTCQ
Kaleb Perry2017-08-03WTCQ
Katelyn Clark2017-08-29WYUM
Kathy Sikes2017-09-21WYUM
Kenneth Jackson2017-08-24WYUM
Kevin Cox2017-08-24WTCQ
Landon Williams2017-09-19WTCQ
Leon Shinholster2017-08-08WTCQ
Leona Jordan2017-08-10WTCQ
Lindsey Weaver2017-09-21WTCQ
Logan Hall2017-08-25WYUM
Matt & Lisa HorneWYUM
Matt & Lisa Horne2017-08-30WYUM
Michelle Cox2017-08-01WTCQ
Morgan Page2017-08-25WTCQ
Morgan Strange2017-09-20WYUM
Olivia Fortner2017-08-17WYUM
Raya Fore2017-08-29WTCQ
Reagan McDonald2017-08-04WTCQ

Click To View By Date

Date  NameStation
2017-09-21Kathy SikesWYUM
2017-09-21Lindsey WeaverWTCQ
2017-09-20Morgan StrangeWYUM
2017-09-20Connie AndersonWTCQ
2017-09-19Landon WilliamsWTCQ
2017-09-19Scott Howell IIWYUM
2017-09-08Dennis MorrisWYUM
2017-09-08Anaiya CarswellWTCQ
2017-09-07Todd ParadiseWYUM
2017-09-07Johnny ShinhosterWTCQ
2017-09-05Tavares BlountWTCQ
2017-09-05Harland GalbreathWYUM
2017-09-01Tate BrantleyWTCQ
2017-09-01Ryan & Jill RodgersWYUM
2017-08-30Brooklyn KramerWTCQ
2017-08-30Matt & Lisa HorneWYUM
2017-08-29Katelyn ClarkWYUM
2017-08-29Raya ForeWTCQ
2017-08-28Anne DavisWYUM
2017-08-28Susie BraddyWTCQ
2017-08-25Morgan PageWTCQ
2017-08-25Logan HallWYUM
2017-08-24Kenneth JacksonWYUM
2017-08-24Kevin CoxWTCQ
2017-08-23Vann TidmoreWYUM
2017-08-23Walker WheelerWTCQ
2017-08-22Alivia PatrickWTCQ
2017-08-22Victoria OgleWYUM
2017-08-21Cathy PhillipsWYUM
2017-08-21Crystal EdwardsWTCQ
2017-08-18Joe SimonWYUM
2017-08-18Beverly PadgettWTCQ
2017-08-17Terra FountainWTCQ
2017-08-17Olivia FortnerWYUM
2017-08-16Brice & Debra SikesWYUM
2017-08-16Bryson HagenWTCQ
2017-08-15Al & Zoe HumphreyWYUM
2017-08-15Stephanie Sims WiltWTCQ
2017-08-14Dwayne & Leigh SpiregWYUM
2017-08-14Jessica SpikesWTCQ


Sportstime Trivia

SportsTime Trivia - NewsTalk970, Your Favorite 98Q, Sweet Onion Country, 1017FM, WYUM!

We invite you to listen to South Georgia's award-winning local sportscast each weekday morning at 7:35 o'clock and play Sportstime Trivia. 

The weekly winner receives a delicious Meal and Drink from Zaxby's in Vidalia  and qualifies to win $50 CASH from Mount Vernon Bank  the last Friday of each month!   

The winner of great food from Zaxby's on September 15 is David McLain.

Our August winner of $50 in cash from the Mount Vernon Bank is Carson Ricks. The next winner's name will be drawn Friday, September 29 at 7:45 a.m. following Sportstime.

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Weekly Forecast Details

How long will you hold my winnings for me to pick them up?

Generally we will hold your prizes for thirty calendar days, unless they expire within thirty days from the day you win. Some examples include:

Braves tickets expire once the game is played so they must be picked up by 5pm the last business day before the scheduled game.

Zaxby's sportstime certificates expire two weeks from the day they are won, not picked up.

If I win, how long before I qualify to win again?

Each contest has their own criteria to determine if you are eligible for entry.

The one consistent rule is that once you have won a contest it must be 30 days before you can win another. But this rule is contingent upon the level of participation from the community; fewer participants may result in wins more frequent than 30 days.

The only exception being the Monthly Cash Drawing contest because you have to have been a weekly sportstime winner for that month to qualify to participate in the Cash Drawing.

See Contest Descriptions for contest details to include eligibility requirements.

Once I pick up my winnings, how long do I have to use them?

Each prize has its own expiration date which is noted on the prize document.

Where do I go to pick up my prize?

Enter your address below and click submit to get directions from your location to ours.


We're Open From Monday - Friday 800am - 500pm excluding holidays.

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