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June 27—Here are the schedules and scores for the GRPA Class AB Baseball and Softball State Tournaments for area teams.

8U Boys at Savannah

Lyons 13, Bryan Co 7-Tuesday

Pooler 6, Lyons 1-Wednesday

Lyons 9, Ware Co 8-Wednesday

St. Simons 12, Lyons 11-Wednesday

10U Boys at Effingham Co

Vidalia 12, Pooler 3 -Wednesday

Vidalia 8, Ware Co 5 -Wednesday

Wayne Co 10, Vidalia 5 -Thursday

Moultrie 13, Vidalia 0-Friday

12U Boys at Augusta

Vidalia 9, Moultrie 1 -Tuesday

Glynn Co 5, Vidalia 0-Wednesday

Wayne Co 6, Vidalia 1-Wednesday

14U Boys at Augusta

Wayne Co 5, Lyons 2–Tuesday

Lyons 19, Warner Robins 2-Wednesday

Lyons 13, Glynn Co 3 -Thursday

Wayne Co 9, Lyons 8-Thursday

Vidalia 10, East Point 9–Wednesday

Vidalia 9, Wayne Co 0 -Thursday

 East Point Power 14, Vidalia 6-Friday

Wayne Co 13, Vidalia 9-Friday

8U Girls at Savannah

Lyons 10, Wayne Co 7–Tuesday

Lyons 15, Effingham Co 10- Wednesday

Wayne Co 10, Lyons 7-Thursday

Lyons 20, Wayne Co 9-Thursday (Championship)

10U Girls at Effingham Co

Douglas-Coffee Co 19, Lyons 10 –Tuesday

Lyons 18, Effingham Co 4- Wednesday

Lyons 14, Summerville 9-Wednesday

Lyons 21, Swainsboro 9-Wednesday

 Moultrie 16, Lyons 9-Thursday

12U Girls at Tift Co

Lyons 12, Douglas-Coffee Co 2-Wednesday

Lyons 9, Swainsboro 1-Wednesday

Lyons 5, Douglas-Coffee Co 3-Thursday (Championship)

14U Girls at Augusta

Vidalia 19, Wayne Co 1 –Tuesday

Vidalia 6, Swainsboro 2 -Wednesday

Vidalia 11, Troup Co 2-Wednesday

Vidalia 10, Swainsboro 5-Thursday (Championship)

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