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June 5—Congratulations to the Lyons Junior Boys who defeated Vidalia 6-2 to win the championship at the 57th Lyons Youth Tournament at Partin Park.

Lyons Junior Boys 1st Place(Blue)(L-R)(Front): Hayden Kight, Gallan Wilds, Caden Marsh, Kipp Mosley, Trayvone Harris. (Back): Coach Patrick Craft, Dawson Brantley, Lucas O'Conner, Brantley Upshaw, Will Watts, Ashton Luke, Jesus Quintero, Carson Braddy, and Coach Kirk Brantley.

Vidalia Junior Boys 2nd Place(White)(L-R)(Front): Ty Carter, Brayden McCaw, Carson Ricks, Leyton Dunford, Mason Toole, Morgan Moye, Brycen Coleman. (Back): Coach Clint Moncus, Tucker McDonald, Cason Banks, Walker Moncus, Sloan Fountain, Conner Whited, Kaleb Bennett, Ledger Curl, Rhett Rodgers, and Coach Johnny Whited.

6 5 19 Vidalia Junior Boys Second6 5 19 Lyons Junior Boys Champs

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