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January 14-- The Toombs-Montgomery Chamber of Commerce is seeking information from the public about our community in order to help make decisions to make it better for everyone in the future.  

Executive Vice President of the chamber Debbie Evens is seeking that info in the form of a survey. “The chamber and the development authority are working together to do a workshop with some of our community leaders, local governments, and people from various organizations like the Downtown Vidalia Association, the Boys and Girls Club, etc. In preparation for that, we’re doing a community wide survey because we have long term goals to make this community a place that offers a high quality of life for all our citizens and is also a place for our young people to have a future,” said Evans.

“Right now the population of 18 to 30 year olds is supposed to be less than one percent by the year 2030 and that’s very concerning. And there are some issues in this community, like every community, that need to be addressed and we feel like we have the tools to improve on it,” Evans added.

Evans said, “We need good data to understand what our citizens need. We feel like from our position here at the chamber and development authority that we have a lot of information and we know what some of the issues are and we know a lot of our strengths and weaknesses but we need every citizen from every walk of life to give their input so that we really understand what people really want and really need.”

The deadline to complete the survey is January 23rd. Click on the link below to complete the survey.

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