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January 13-- As you know 2020 is an election year and there are a lot of changes coming with new voting machines, etc. Toombs County Election Supervisor Carey Alligood says now is the time to take action if things have changed in your life that may affect you on Election Day.

Alligood said, “If you have moved, changed your name, gotten married or divorced in the last thirty days, you need to update your voter registration before February 24th. That is the cutoff for the Presidential Primary on March 24th. We need to have those changes as soon as possible because it cuts down on confusion on election day.”

“If you’re listed under your old name and you’ve gotten married and we’re looking for your current name, we may not find you. We can pull from your driver’s license but if you haven’t given your license on your voter registration, we can’t pull you up that way either.” She added, “If we’re doing a search while everyone else is waiting in line, everyone gets impatient wanting everything to move fast. The more current your information is, the easier the process is.”

“If you don’t where your precinct is or you don’t know where to go to early vote, please contact the voter registration office here in Toombs County. Please try to contact us before election day because election day is crazy already. Call us at 912-526-8226.”

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