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A Message from 4th Ward City Council Candidate Logan Lawrence

            On September 3, you all learned about a complaint that I submitted to the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission, in which I alleged that my opponent, Loyd Mobley, violated the Georgia Campaign Finance Act (hereafter, “Act”). Since this story was published, I have received a number of questions and comments regarding my decision to report Mr. Mobley to the Commission.

            Given that the published story and interview did not include the entirety of the written statement that I submitted, I feel as though it is of the utmost importance to share with you the following information:

When I announced that I was running for Vidalia City Council, I understood that I had a responsibility to the people of this city to educate myself on the laws that the State of Georgia has set forth for political candidates. On July 15, I took the day off work, drove eight (8) hours round-trip to Gainesville, Georgia, and attended a candidate training seminar sponsored by the Education and Information Division of the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission.

During the training, we learned that no candidate or perspective candidate can create campaign materials, accept donations, or make personal contributions to his/her campaign without first signing the necessary Declaration of Intent. I fully complied with this law. Prior to signing my Declaration of Intent on June 4, I did not open a campaign checking account, print materials, or accept contributions from supporters.

Given my own effort to comply with the law, imagine my surprise when I learned on August 17 that Mr. Mobley (or a lady at his office) had been designing campaign materials prior to filing the necessary paperwork with the Toombs County Board of Elections. In his interview, Mr. Mobley claimed that “his granddaughter found the materials on the counter,” and that she “posted them to Facebook.” What has not been acknowledged is that purchased resources were used to print those materials (ink, paper, etc.), and that by taking them home, Mr. Mobley was accepting those materials. Instead of acknowledging his mistake, Mr. Mobley doubled down by writing my claims off as “childish,” and “gotcha politics.” Hurling insults at me for observing the laws shows a significant lack of character.

It is not “childish” to understand and comply with the laws set forth by our state. This has nothing to do with maturity. This has to do with electing someone with integrity, who takes pride in ensuring that they possess the requisite information before they decide to run for City Council. Today, as a candidate, he may be making a $1,000 mistake, but tomorrow, as a City Councilman, what expense will the people of Vidalia bear as a result of his carelessness? The cost of his ignorance will be borne by the taxpayer. One should wonder if this is a sign of things to come if Mr. Mobley is elected.

This will be my final public statement regarding this issue. I look forward to the outcome of the Commission’s investigation and wish Mr. Mobley the best in his future campaign endeavors. I would also like to take this time to extend to him the opportunity to participate in a joint Townhall event, in which our friends and neighbors in the 4th Ward will have the opportunity to ascertain which candidate has been “doing his homework.”

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