April 10--  The state legislature passed a $27.5 billion budget, the largest in Georgia history, and State Senator Blake Tillery of Vidalia, Vice-Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, is concerned that a slow down in state revenue may lead to a deficit.

tilleryradioHe made the observation on NewsTalk WVOP's Southeast Georgia Today morning show Wednesday, "We started looking at this in January about revenues were and where they were going.  I just saw March's numbers and we're up $105 million over March, 2018, but the problem is, to make budget you needed to be up $150 million and that means next month we have to be up $200 million.  That's concerning because if we don't make this year's budget and next year's budget is predicated on growth, that makes me concerned about what we're going to see in 2020 and 2021."

The state currently has a $2.5 billion surplus, but Senator Tillery points out the state spends about a $1 billion a month so it's not as big as it sounds.

Senator Tillery is proud the legislature passed the toughest abortion bill in the country, but cautions it also means there's a need to support mothers who give birth under difficult conditions, "If we're going to say that life is protected at birth, then we have to be willing to come alongside those families and help them with the situations they're in whether it be with foster care and adoption, etc.  That's one of the areas I've been very involved with at the state level.  It's been near and dear to mine and my wife Ashley Nicole's hearts and I want to remind our listeners that if we're going to hold that standard on one side, we're always going to be sure we're there supporting that child after its born."

The legislature passed a bill designed to help find more permanence in a foster child's life, Senator Tillery reported.