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March 15--  Two students from Vidalia Heritage Academy were judged the top student delegates in their roles at this year's Harvard Model Congress.

vhaharvawardsSenior Bryson Henriott played the role of Deputy Secretary of the Interior and worked with fellow cabinet officers in dealing with problems officials in Washington have to deal with on a regular basis, "The problems we were simulating up there are actually problems going on in the world.  We were dealing with the Venezuela crisis, education and Title 1 reform and also the opiod crisis."

Headmaster Jeff McCormick (center) presented the Harvard awards at a VHA student assembly.

Junior Briley Braddy played the role of Deputy Secretary to the United Nations and said her background from Vidalia Heritage helped her bring a Christian perspective to the table, "Vidalia Heritage taught me the Christian perspective of this world and I maintain that even though we are the minority up there.  Most of those kids have never heard the name of Jesus Christ, the come from secular schools.  However, coming from Vidalia Heritage, we are able to look at a secular world and issues we face through a perspective that Christ would see."

Another VHA student, Elliott Sammons, got Honorable Mention from Harvard and Headmaster Jeff McCormick says it's a great honor to lead the way among the more than 50 schools which participate.

"This is very significant for us because this is the first time in the seven years we have been attending that we've had students recognized the Harvard staff as the best delegates.  It's really quite an honor for our student.

"I think one of the things it does is immunize our children to what they see out in the world.  They are able to take on different roles that help them understand how government works, how to pass legislation and how to work behind the scenes.  This year we took 23 students, the largest group we've ever taken, and it was just a phenomenal experience for all of them," the Headmaster said.


(L-R) Front row: Macy Todd, Libby Jackson, Lydia Sammons, Olivia Harrelson, Mattie Durrence.

Second row: Gaige Brantley, Elliot Sammons, Cameron Gilliam, Sam Spring, Allie Spring, Helen Baird.

Third row: Dalton Henriott, Caleb Proenza, Mason Beacham, Hugh Baird, Jacob Thompson, Briley Braddy, Grace Mixon.

Fourth row: Jackson Williamson, Jordan Powell, Cole Moxley, Bryson Henriott.

Not Pictured: Cameron Kirkland

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