Dear Friends:

As many of you know by now the Georgia House passed House Bill 481, known as the Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act. This will prevent abortions after a doctor has determined there is a heartbeat. This bill sponsored by Representative Ed Setzler and supported by Governor Brian Kemp passed through the House of Representatives late Thursday night (see Index Article: Heartbeat Bill Passes Georgia House) by a 93-73 vote. The bill now will have to proceed to the Senate before it has a chance to land on the desk of Governor Kemp.

At present this bill has been assigned to the Science and Technology Committee, chaired by Senator Renee Unterman. Please see my video update of the bill status (See below). The bill is scheduled to be heard and hopefully voted on Thursday afternoon at 3:00 PM.

Upon approval of the committee, the bill will go to the Rules Committee where it will await approval to go the Senate floor for a full vote before April 2nd, which is the final day of the Georgia legislative session.

You can play a big part in the final passage of this important lifesaving legislation! Please make plans now to contact the Science and Technology Committee (click here for members list) and ask them to vote in favor of House Bill 481! In addition to contacting the committee, please contact your state Senator (find your here!) and ask them to vote in favor of the bill and to encourage other Senators to do the same! 

Please be in prayer as we look forward to passing the most significant piece of pro-life legislation in the state of Georgia since Roe vs. Wade.

Pressing on for Life,

Mike Griffin

Public Affairs Representative

Georgia Baptist Mission Board

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