March 11--  The Vidalia city council spent much of its meeting Monday night discussing the pros and cons of red light cameras and in the end tabled a city ordinance that would have allowed a third-party contractor to put cameras at up to four intersections.

Mayor Ronnie Dixon said the sole purpose of the cameras was to make the city safer for motorists and denied there's a profit motive behind the proposal.

Five citizens spoke out against the proposal and one claimed it would make Vidalia comparable to the Ludowici speed trap of years gone by.  Another, Charles Faulk, made  a presentation to the council and asked members to slow down their deliberations.

"I think it was the correct move to table the ordinance.  I don't think the unintended consequences have been explored by these folks as deeply as they need to be. There's nobody in the room who's against safety, we're all for that, but unintended consequences are going to be a trade-off and the economics I don't think are going to work well.

"There will be a dramatic increase in rear end collisions and all of those have to be worked by the police department.  Also, you will have a community image that doesn't fit what we're all about here in Vidalia," Faulk said.

After hearing the discussion, Council Member Lisa Chesser made a motion seconded by Kailey Dees to table the ordinance and it was approved unanimously.