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(This is the sixth in our series of reports on the 2019 Teen Maze in Toombs County)

March 8--  Judges, prosecutors, public defenders and juvenile case workers tried to get the attention of eighth graders during this year's Teen Maze in Toombs County.

Public defender Kim Cameron from the Oconee Judicial Circuit said her bottom line to the middle school students was think before you act, "A lot of the things that carry the greatest consequences are simple things they never imagine will get them the penalties and punishment they end up with.  It's those simple things that carry the most weight.  We're just trying to get them to think before they do certain things and we're hoping we can touch them a little bit in that respect."

Adrian McClellan is a case worker with he Department of Juvenile Justice and he believes the Teen Maze is serving its purpose,"It's great. Looking at these eighth graders, you can tell by looking at their eyes that it really hits home and they didn't know.  You see the wheels turning like 'maybe I shouldn't have done so-and-so and I'll stop it.'  It has been a big help and also it's good exposure so they know how with juvenile probation and the court system we're not out to get them, we're here to help them.  They just think we're here to lock everybody up, but at the end of the day, we're trying to help prevent them from being locked up."

Toombs County State Court Judge Tommy J. Smith said he wants the kids to know that if they end up in court, there can be serious consequences, "Even though they may be a juvenile, they could be charged as an adult.  We let them understand that for some of these offenses, they could actually be facing life in prison.  A juvenile can be charged and prosecuted as an adult in certain circumstances and we tried to communicate that to them."

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