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While President Trump held a Make America Great Again rally Monday night in El Paso, Texas, congressional negotiators agreed "in principle" on a tentative deal to avert another government shutdown.  The tentative agreement allots money for a barrier .. but not a wall.  While the president talked to supporters, making the case for a wall, former Congressman -- and possible 2020 presidential candidate -- Beto O'Rourke held his own rally in El Paso to counter the president's message.

-- Virginia Governor Ralph Northam appears to be on steadier ground politically after African American leaders in the state called on voters to forgive the governor. Northam admitted to wearing blackface in medical school but denied he was in a racist picture found in his med school yearbook page.
-- Virginia state lawmakers decided Monday not to impeach Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax over two rape allegations, but they say they still want to hear from the women accusing Fairfax. The decision was made after Fairfax met with lawmakers in a closed-door meeting. The women released a joint statement through their attorneys accusing Fairfax of attacking their character in secret backroom meetings.

37 states are under alerts for snow, cold or flooding. More than 14 inches of snow fell the last few days in Seattle, marking the snowiest February in the city's history.  Another system is moving through the mid-Atlantic, resulting in slick roads from Washington to Philadelphia. There are more storms lined up in the Pacific .. expected to bring rain from Seattle to San Diego and snow to the Cascades and the Sierra and the Rockies through the rest of the week.

Over 21-hundred public school teachers in Denver are on strike over low pay. The teacher's union and Denver Public Schools are 5 million dollars apart from an agreement. The two sides unable to agree on teacher pay, but Denver Public Schools Superintendent Susana Cordova says negotiations will resume on Tuesday. Denver teachers argue they have to take on multiple jobs and roommates just to afford rent.

The 16 million Americans who have already filed their federal tax returns are seeing, on average, an 8.4 percent drop in their refund amount so far this year, according to new data from the IRS. So far in 2019, the average refund clocks in at $1,865, a decrease from the $2,035 average refund at this point in last year's tax season.

British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to address the House of Commons, hoping to buy time to renegotiate her Brexit agreement with the European Union.

The hunt for a fugitive wanted in a ruthless murder. Last seen at a Georgia gas station, he was supposed to report to prison on a non-violent charge. Instead, police say, he took off his ankle monitor, killed his mother, and left in her car.

A Massachusetts woman began serving time Monday for her role in her boyfriend's death. With no evident emotion, Michelle Carter began serving a 15-month sentence for involuntary manslaughter. She used text messages to urge her boyfriend, Conrad Roy, to kill himself and then on the phone instructed him to get into a truck that was filling with carbon monoxide. She had been free pending an appeal of her conviction but the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court upheld it. Defense attorneys said they will appeal all the way to the United States Supreme Court if necessary.

A funeral mass takes place in Deaborn, MI for Congressman John Dingell who represented various districts in that state for nearly 60 years.  Dingell died last week at the age of 92.

The Cleveland Browns have signed troubled running back Kareem Hunt.  The NFL running back apologized for his actions after surveillance cameras showed him pushing a young woman then kicking her as she squats on the floor of a Cleveland hotel.  A year later the Cleveland Browns signed him, saying the team understands "the complexity of question and issues" it raises.  The Brows said they do not condone his actions but noted he took full responsibility for them.  In a statement, Hunt apologized again and said he's committed to becoming a better and healthier person. 

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