February 11-- 4-H: The Greatest Show was the theme for this year’s Southeast District 4-H Project Achievement held earlier this month at the Rock Eagle 4-H Center.  Over 40 middle and high school students from Vidalia and Toombs County schools joined more than 500 others from across Southeast Georgia. 

The weekend was filled with project competition, officer elections for Southeast District Junior and Senior Boards, special award presentations, recreation and community service learning projects.

4hfeb19Eleven Toombs County senior members in (grades 9 – 12) attended this year’s competition for a chance to represent the Southeast District at State 4-H Congress in July.  In projects with 8 or more contestants, sweepstakes trips are awarded. 

Placing first was Hannah Page (Flowers, Shrubs, & Lawns). 

Second place participants were Logan Harvey (Arts and Crafts), Jodi Kramer (General Recreation), James Poppell (Human Development), JadyLyyn Hooks (Textiles, Merchandising & Interiors) and Carlie Morgan (Workforce Preparation & Career Development).

Kacey Scarboro Companion Animals) and Gracie Hamlin (Performing Arts – Vocal) placed third. 

Receiving honorable mention were Lydia Baker (Food Fare), Desirae Cannon (Communications) and Bret White (Photography).

Six students will advance to State 4-H Congress in July.  These include Gracie Hamlin, Logan Harvey, Jodi Kramer, Carlie Morgan, Hannah Page and James Poppell.

In the Junior Division, twenty nine members participated.  First place participants included
Ally Donahue (Dairy Foods), Bailey Hutchins (Health), Riya Patel (Safety), Georgia Hamlin (Dog Care & Training), Landon McDonald (Flowers, Shrubs, & Lawns), Tami Gonzalez (Human Development), RJ Florez (Pizza), Brittney Bryant (Textiles, Merchandising & Interiors), Grace Holt (Veterinary Science), Kaitlyn Story (Food for Health & Sport) and Cindy Mata (Poultry & Egg Science).        

Second place participants included Kaleigh Howard (Food for Fitness), Grace Gordon (Sports – Team), Denzel Cannida (Computers Information Technology), Keishay Smith (Food Fare), Kailie Query (Human Development), Mackenzie Grimm (Outdoor Recreation), Kelsi Rowland    (Photography) and Adam Copeland (Outdoor Recreation). Mackinzie Lyles (Cat Care).  

Third place participants included Adelyn Williams (Public Speaking), Mary Laura Tippett (Performing Arts – Dance), Emily Helms (Performing Arts – Vocal), Morgan Strange (Workforce Preparation & Career Development), Bobby Brinson (Dog Care & Training) and Hailey Morgan (General Recreation). 

Other participants receiving honorable mention included Lalane Angeles (Performing Arts – General), Jolette Hernandez (History) and Yailyn Moran-Aguilar (Better Breakfast).

Toombs County received four Awards of Excellence for the event.  Awards received included Most Participation (1st), Greatest Increase in Participants (1st), Highest Percent of Junior Winners (3rd) and Highest Percentage of Senior Winners (3rd).

Four graduating seniors were recognized and presented with graduation cords from the Georgia 4-H Foundation.  Graduates of the Class of 2019 include Logan Harvey, Carlie Morgan, Kacey Scarboro and Bret White.  

holtJunior 4-H Member Grace Holt was elected as representative on the SE Junior Board of Directors.


James Poppell (left) was elected as the SE District Senior Board President and is congratulated by immediate Past President Arham Shah of Emanuel County..  Both will attend a statewide training in May and assist with planning district events for 2019-2020.

Extension staff members accompanying the group included Cheryl Poppell, 4-H Coordinator and Mallorie Talvan, 4-H Program Assistant.  Volunteer leaders Carole Hester, Lili Hester, Leigha Kirkley and Riley Wimberly assisted with the event.