February 6-- U.S. Congressman Rick W. Allen (R-Ga-12) issued the following statement this evening after attending President Donald J. Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address in the House Chamber.

“Over the last year, Congress worked hand-in-hand with President Donald Trump to sign historic pieces of legislation into law that have unleashed the economic potential of America and helped secure our nation, from rolling back Dodd-Frank to combatting the opioid crisis to providing certainty to rural America in a 5-year Farm Bill.

On the heels of yet another jobs report exceeding market expectations, we are continuing to see the incredible results of the deregulation efforts and pro-growth policies implemented under a Republican-led majority.

“In tonight’s address, President Trump made it abundantly clear that we still have work that needs to be done. We must continue our fight to safeguard America’s national security interests, halt the influx of illegal immigration, drugs, and crime that pour into our country, enact school choice, and lower the skyrocketing costs of healthcare and prescription drugs due to the failures of Obamacare – and he’s asked both parties to join with him to accomplish these goals.

In calling for unity and compromise, he outlined compelling solutions that we can all rally behind, and I stand ready to work with President Trump and his Administration to accomplish his proactive agenda and continue choosing greatness for America.”