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August 10 --
Thursday afternoon the Georgia Chamber of Commerce made their stop in their statewide tour in Vidalia and President Chris Clark addressed local community leaders about a variety of issues, including how the federal tax cuts have benefited Georgia business owners.
"All over Georgia, really all over America, since Congress passed the tax cuts and President Trump signed them were seeing companies invest in more bonuses for their employees and in a a lot of rural communities we are seeing wages increase as people realize we have to compete better for labor and they've got the resources to do it," said Clark.  In addition, Clark stated that they are seeing "a flood of economic activity in the state and that in the last session, the Georgia Assembly passed similar cuts that would extend these benefits to Georgians for the next two years, so we're going to make sure Georgians have the dollars to invest."
Additionally, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce has launched the "8 for 18" initiative that focuses on eight major areas affecting Georgia in the upcoming general election. According to Clark, "these are the eight issues that we think are going to drive the economy for the state of Georgia. At people can actually learn more about the issues and see where the candidates for office are going to stand on those issues. There is nowhere else to get this information and that much detail."

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