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June 27--  A young woman who grew up visiting her grandparents in Vidalia is using what she learned about small town cuisine to pitch a food show to media outlets in Atlanta and nationwide.

skyeSkye Estroff studied nutrition and diet at the University of Georgia and is combining her schooling with media marketing skills for a pilot video show shot on location at Benton Lee's on the Altamaha River and Rialto's in Vidalia.

"Why Rialto?  Number one Chris (the owner) is awesome and the food is fantastic.  I love their downtown location and I think they have a great facade, it's really nice and we wanted to feature someplace that's downtown.  I've eaten there several times and thought that it really captures that neighborhood feel of Vidalia.

"I've eaten at Benton Lee's several times, too and their food is just big and bold and country comfort food.  It's going to look great on camera and it's delicious.  It gives us a different style with something you can't find in a big city," Skye said, and added, "They need this exposure.  There's an extraordinary amount of culinary talent in small towns and someone needs to talk about it."

She's hopeful her show will inspire travelers to get off the interstate highways, "Drive that extra 15 to 20 minutes into a small town and try real authentic food and see what these towns are bringing to the culinary scene.  We want them to come enjoy the real deal in small towns across Georgia and the country."

Although she grew up in Atlanta, Skye learned a lot about South Georgia visiting her grandparents, Anita and Donald Estroff, and she hopes to pass some of it along to her viewers, "That's something I'm going to work on in my segment, too.  How to pronounce everything.  No more VI-DOLL-YUH.  We've got to say VI-DAY-YAH and say it right and loud and proud." 




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