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Is Michael Cohen about to cooperate with the feds? Sources tell ABC News President Trump's former personal attorney is likely to cooperate with federal prosecutors. There's word Cohen is parting ways with his own attorneys - among the reasons - a sources says - a concern over payment of legal fees. Cohen's lawyers have been representing him in the criminal investigation of his business practices. And sources tell ABC News independent Counsel Robert Mueller has his own questions for Cohen...he wants to know what the president knew about Cohen's efforts relating to Russian real estate investments. The president has insisted his fixer won't flip.

The Justice Department’s inspector general is expected to release a report Thursday on its look at “Various Actions by the Department of Justice and the FBI in Advance of the 2016 Election” It’s expected to be critical of former FBI Director Comey’s handling of the Clinton email investigation and timing of certain public releases and documents.  The president has tweeted he’s looking forward to the report, and had been goading –via Twitter- the agency for a quick release.

James Wolfe, a former 30-year Senate staffer, entered a plea of not guilty in federal court Wednesday to making false statements.  The government has accused Wolfe - a longtime Director of Security for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, who had access to classified information - of lying about passing non-public information to two reporters.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continues a diplomatic mission after the North Korea summit...visiting South Korea, then China. Since President Trump returned from the summit with Kim Jong Un - he's tweeted  North Korea is quote "no longer a nuclear threat".  House speaker Paul Ryan says "We should be under no delusion that this is going to be fast."

Four cars have been struck by gunfire near Sea-Tac Airport. No one has been hurt, but the gunman remains at large. SeaTac Airport says at the request of the WA State Patrol they shut down the western most runway 16R for a time. 

Two astronauts aboard the International Space Station will conduct a 6-and-a-half hour spacewalk Thursday, to start at about 8:10am ET. Drew Feustel and Ricky Arnold will install new high-def cameras to capture spacecraft docking with the ISS.

Thursday marks one year since the shooting at a Congressional baseball practice in Virginia, when a lone gunman fired more than 70 rounds at Republicans practicing for their annual charity game. Steve Scalise of Louisiana was one of three hit. He was hospitalized for weeks, but has since returned to Congress. The gunman was shot by responding police and died on the way to the hospital.  This year’s charity game will be played Thursday night at Nationals’ Park.

21-year-old Ryan Burke of Scranton, Pennsylvania Wednesday entered the first guilty plea in the death of a Penn State fraternity pledge who was fatally injured after a night of heavy drinking and hazing.
Burke pleaded guilty to nine charges, including four misdemeanors alleging hazing...in the 2017 death of engineering student Tim Piazza, 19, of Lebanon, New Jersey.

The US may not be there, but the biggest sporting competition in the world kicks off Thursday in Moscow. The first game of the World Cup will be Russia vs. Saudi Arabia.

Thursday is the first anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire, which killed 72 residents.  Flammable cladding on the building’s exterior is blamed for the quick spread of the fire in the London apartment building.

The Supreme Court okay’d it last month.  Governor Phil Murphy signed the official bill Monday, and Thursday he’ll place the first (legal) sports bet at Monmouth Racetrack in Central New Jersey in the morning.

The president turns 72 Thursday.

95-year-old comic book legend Stan Lee Wednesday filed for and was granted a temporary restraining order against a man – who just a few days agog he reportedly said was his business manager.  The LAPD is reportedly investigating possible elder abuse against Lee.  The LA County Superior Court confirms to ABC News Lee filed a restraining order against Keya Morgan.  The LAPD arrested Morgan on Monday for filing a false police report.

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