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June 5--  Four years ago this week, 49-year-old Chris Wiggins was gunned down during an armed robbery at his convenience store in Santa Claus.

chriswigginsThe reward in the case continues to grow and is now $7,100 dollars plus another $2,000 a family member has pledged for information leading to an arrest in the case.

Chris' mother, Dale, in convinced somebody knows who killed her son, "It's like this, if you've got a friend, then you're going to tell that friend and that friend is going to tell another friend.  So, those two people who committed this crime, there are people out there who know who did it.  They may be too scared to say so, but there are people who know," she said.

"I know when we start talking reward money, people start calling and everything has to be checked out.  I know that's a lot of work for the sheriff's office, but that's their job and we want to know," Dale Wiggins said.

Toombs County Sheriff Junior Kight is hopeful that the more than $9,000 in reward money will lead to information needed to break the case, "We certainly would love to use the money and we encourage anybody who knows anything about the case to come forward.  If you've heard something and feel it's important, please come forward.  Even if we've heard it before, we don't mind hearing it again.  It could be some little piece we haven't heard, so we encourage anybody to come forward.  We feel like that's the only way we're going to get this case solved," he said.

Chris Wiggins would have celebrated his 54th birthday next week.

If you know anything about the Chris Wiggins case, please call CrimeStoppers at 912-386-4480.

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