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June 4--  The City of Soperton is testing the use of digital water meters.

According to Mayor Royce Fowler, Georgia Power has installed 20 meters for testing and is expected to report the results of the testing at the July meeting of the city council. 

The mayor expects Georgia Power will evaluate the old manual meters and point out efficiencies the city can expect with digital meters.  One advantage he already knows is that  digital meters provide readings once every 24 hours as compared to the manual models which are read monthly.  This could help the city save water and customers save money by more timely correction of leaks and the like, the mayor said.

His main concern with a conversion to digital is the costs involved and whether the city should buy the system or lease it from Georgia Power.

Meanwhile, four water customers in Soperton were surprised when they got their water bills this month.  Two had bills of $59,000 each, one was for $12,000 and the other for $3,000.  Mayor Fowler investigated and reports there were several reasons for the mistakes and that corrections have been made.  None of the four were related to the Georgia Power testing.

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