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Military signing VHS 5 14 18May 16-- We see and hear in the news all the time about high school students signing letters of intent to play sports at the next level. We hear about students receiving academic scholarships to college.

This week for the first time ever, Vidalia High School chose to recognize 13 high school s students that will be taking their talents to the next level as well, in the military.

Vidalia High School Principal John Sharpe, “We celebrate a lot of their academic and athletic achievements, but just as important are those that choose a career in the military. We have several cadets or students that are signing or enlisting in the military to enhance their college education.” Sharpe added, “This is a way of celebrating their service to our country and also realizing this is a part of that goal to have something after high school that they can have an opportunity to excel at.”

“These young men and women that commit to the military have an opportunity to make a profession or at least learn a skill that they can come back and have a career in after they finish that training,” said Sharpe.

Miyah Middleton is heading to the US Army. “It makes me feel wonderful to be recognized as an individual joining the U.S. Military instead of getting recognized as only sports. It’s just serving the country and letting people know that we’re trying to protect you and living an awesome life,” said Middleton.

The students recognized were:

US Army

Felipe Angeles

Marsha Haynes

Miyah Middleton

Tyriece Starks

Elijah Thornton

Georgia Army National Guard

Mason Corbitt

Mikaela James

Saul Mateo

Christen Nichols

US Army Reserves

Brandon Kirby

Henry Perez Torres

US Navy

Lake Allen

Cameron Victoria

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