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May 10--  A pageant queen from Swainsboro has been bullied since the 7th grade and is using her crown as a platform to help other victims of bullying.

"I was verbally bullied, physically bullied, emotionally bullied and cyber bullied during that time," says Sydney Dorsey, a former Junior Miss Vidalia Onion and the reigning USA National Miss Georgia Teen.

Sydney believes jealousy sparked the bullying by other kids in school and it led to her decision to be home schooled to get out of that environment.

"Now I've taken the time to grow my platform and spread it bigger and get it out there to more kids.  I have kids texting me daily telling me how I'm helping them through so much. It means the world to me from coming out of middle school not knowing if there was anymore I could do with my life to now inspiring others and telling them to be their selves. It's okay to be different and it's not going to matter when you get out of school.  Everything is going to be different because the same friends you have in school you're probably not going to even have when you get out of high school," she says.

Sydney's other advice to kids, open up to your parents, "They might not act like it, but your Mom and your Dad are your best friend and are there for you to help you along the way.  Tell them everything, and parents, ask your kids how was school today, how was this, how was that, did so-and-so text you?  Just ask them how their day was.  It honestly helps a lot.  When you think you don't have anyone, you have your grandma, your grandpa, your Mom and your Dad, you have them."

sydneydorseySydney explained her platform on the Southeast Georgia Today morning show with co-hosts Chester Proctor and Jeff Raiford.  The program is weekdays from 7:45 a.m. till 9 a.m. on NewsTalk WVOP, AM 970 and FM 105.3 FM and streamed live on

You can contact Sydney through Instagram at USA National Miss Georgia Teen Sydney Dorseyy (note there are two t's).


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