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May 8--  Veteran State Representative Greg Morris of Vidalia has the endorsement of the Speaker of the Georgia House in his bid for re-election.

Speaker David Ralston flew into Vidalia Monday for a nearly two-hour campaign reception for Morris at the Vidalia Regional Airport.

davidralston"I've known Greg Morris for a lot of years and I know his commitment to working hard and to serving this community.  This community couldn't find a better advocate.  He is all about making sure his district gets taken care of.  He's a good member of our team and is really one of the more valuable members we have there," the Speaker said.

Even though many veteran Republican lawmakers are not seeking re-election this year, Speaker Ralston says he's confident Republicans will maintain their majority in the House, "I think we'll be fine on the majority.  You don't ever take anything for granted, but I feel pretty good that we're going to hold the majority and I'm trying to hold onto as many incumbents as I can.  That's going to be important as we go into the redistricting session in 2021.  I'm not so concerned about keeping the majority, but I would like for it to be as large as we can have it," he said.

Regarding statewide races coming up May 22nd, Ralston says it's important to get a good turnout among Republicans, "I hope people will recognize this is an important election.  We're going to have a new governor for the first time in eight years and a new lieutenant-governor for the first time in 12 years.  It's a transforming election with new leadership.  I hope people will want to be a part of selecting that leadership and will come out and vote to be a part of this state's future," he said.  

Morris has been in the Georgia House for 20 years and has opposition for the third straight time from Lee Burton of Toombs County in the Republican primary.

No one is running for the seat in the Democrat primary.

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