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January 9--  State Senator Blake Tillery of Vidalia is making another push to reform Georgia's adoption laws.  His efforts as a freshman senator to get the bill passed last year were unsuccessful, but he says the issue is a problem that needs fixing.

blaketillery"The reason is matters is because we've got more than 15,000 foster children who can't find a permanent home.  We're sending out roughly more than 1,400 a year into the world who don't have a family or support system to rely on and we're expecting them to be able to tackle the world without that.  We've got to do a better job on that.

"At the same time, we've got families in Georgia who are going to Florida to adopt children because the laws there are more favorable to them for adoption.  We've got to work that out to insure Georgia families are solving Georgia's problem, not Florida's problem," he said.

Georgia has a ten-day waiting period after an adoption where the natural parents or extended family can reclaim the child if there's a change of heart.  Tillery says that's an obstacle which needs to be addressed.

Meanwhile, Senator Tillery believes the current session of the General Assembly will be impacted by this year's statewide elections, "I think the biggest question we have going into this year is one of uncertainty.  You've got five folks in the body I serve in, the Senate, who are running for governor.  Those folks can't raise money for their governor's race while we're in session, so they're going to want to get out early.  Folks in the House may not have the incentive to get out as early.  That's a dynamic that has nothing to do with the business we're there to pass.

"I'm willing to stay as long as we need to for the issues I think are important.  Those are the things that the House rural caucus passed including broadband and rural healthcare and the ways we try to keep people living in rural Georgia," he said.




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