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January 5--  Toombs County Commission Chairman David Sikes is completing his first year in office and is proud of what the commissioners and county employees accomplished in 2017.

davidsikes"The biggest highlight for me this year was our road department building which was built in 1968 next to the courthouse.  We commissioned the building of a new one and it will be finished in the first quarter of 2018.  This one will be taken down and that's something that has needed to be moved and updated.  It will now be in a more central location in the county and we'll have more parking here at the courthouse," he said.

The county has improved more than 20 miles of roads, "What were trying to do is turn more dirt surfaces into hard surfaces whether it be through surface treatment, asphalt or maintenance of our existing roads," he says, "plus we're planning to widen the Lyons-Center Road this summer."

An ongoing program to improve county recreation department facilities at Toombs Central is nearing completion, "We want to bring professionalism to what we do and bring professionalism for our children and for the parents of these kids. We've got great football and baseball facilities being completed this year and it's something to be proud of as a community," Sikes said.

The chairman lauds the work of the county's volunteer fire departments and their work to improve fire protection and bring down fire insurance premiums for county residents, "Within a file mile radius of every one of our volunteer fire departments, we've lowered the insurance ratings and it's saving anywhere from $200 to $500 dollars per household and it's amazing what the volunteer fire departments are doing for the citizens of the county," he said.

Even better, Chairman Sikes says its all been done without raising county taxes, '"That's what I'm really all about, not asking the taxpayers for anymore than what they've already given us and working within the means we have.  The former commission lowered taxes four years in a row.  That's wonderful and it's left us with a balanced budget."

"I've got three more years and I assure everyone in this county I'll give you everything I have and I'm thankful that everyone has given me this chance," the chairman said.

2017 Review


  • Installed Flashing Stop and Caution Lights at 10 intersections
  • Applied for and Received State Safety Grant to redesign intersection at SR 178 and Johnson Corner Road – to be completed in 1st Quarter 2018
  • Applied for and received a Federal Grant for widening Lyons-Center Road by two (2) feet on each side. Contract to be let in July 2018 and managed by GDOT


  • Implemented Year 1 of 10 year paved road improvement plan by armor coating (HA5) 26 roads for a total of 14 miles
  • Paved 7 roads for a total of 3 miles
  • Acquiring ROW’s for paving two roads with CDBG Funds to be completed in 2018
  • Purchased a new motor grader, renovated an existing motor grader and purchased a new dump truck


  • Begin renovation of the Toombs County Recreation Department Complex
  • Football Field complex is 85% complete
  • Baseball Field is 75% complete
  • Cedar Crossing Community Center Track and Parking lot was seal coated and striped
  • Installed new well at Cedar Crossing Community Center


  • Awarded Contract and began construction of new Public works building and demolition and removal of old public works building to be completed in 1st quarter 2018
  • Seal coated and striped Toombs County Health Department Building parking lot
  • New Brick Signs at Health Department
  • Purchased a new HVAC system for kitchen at Detention Center
  • Purchased a new camera monitoring system at the Detention Center
  • Began the process of interviewing and selecting firms to complete a feasibility study for the courthouse and detention center improvement with the firm to be selected in 1st quarter 2018


  • Renovated two (2) water tankers for rural fire department expanding their water capacity by 5,000 gallons each
  • Expanded two (2) fire stations; Marvin Yancey Fire Department Station and McNatt Falls Fire Station
  • Purchased a Fire Truck for Marvin Yancey Fire Department
  • Purchased a Fire Truck for Cedar Crossing Fire Department
  • Completed a water shuttle test for all three (3) departments which lowered their ISO ratings


  • Purchased a new ambulance


  • Recognition as 1 of 7 counties in Georgia as a County of Distinction
  • Closed out a 2008 FEMA project – Dees Pond Dam Project
  • No change in the net millage rate
  • FINALLY, survived Hurricane Irma with little disruption in delivering county services.

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