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November 8--  State Representative Greg Morris provides a perspective on state issues.

Jobs/Economic Development. Last week I reported Georgia being recognized as the number one film location in the world. Now,for the 5th straight year, Site Selection Magazine has named Georgia the best state to locate a business. The designation is primarily made by professional site selection consultants hired by businesses to help them locate or expand their companies to new locations. Happily, Georgia continues to score high in having a ready trained workforce available to new industry and a business friendly regulatory environment.

Distracted Driving/Mobile Phones. On a more somber note, vehicle deaths caused by distracted driving increased 34% between 2014 and 2016 in Georgia. That is the 5th highest increase in the nation. A House study committee is hearing testimony to see if there are recommendations to craft in the form of legislation to combat the problem. In 2008 the Legislature voted to prohibit texting while driving. Also, anyone under 18 with a learners permit is prohibited from using wireless devices while driving. I did not vote for that bill at the time. First ,I thought it would be difficult to enforce, and I was hesitant to put one more restraint on citizens from their government. The law enforcement officials I have talked to confirm that it’s hard to enforce. How can you tell if the driver is texting, which is illegal, or simply dialing their phone, which is legal? They also tell me they expect accidents caused by cell phones to dramatically increase and I agree. Every time I travel to Atlanta I am passed by at least one idiot going 85 mph with his head in a phone pecking a message or reading Facebook. I suspect banning the use of hand held devices while driving would be the only practicable and enforceable solution. Would you be willing to give up your cellphone while driving to make Georgia roads safer? Would you want me to vote for that ? Let me know what you think. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

HOPE Career Grant. Governor Deal plans to ask the Legislature to add five more fields of study to the program that pays full tuition to technical college school students. The added fields would be automotive technology, aviation, construction, electrical line work, and logistics. Our plan is to add another 250000 technical college graduates by 2020 to provide more jobs for Georgians in high demand areas. I want to see the cost of course, but I plan to support Governor Deal in this effort.


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