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September 25--  A former Democrat state legislator is running as an independent for the 12th District Congressional seat in the 2018 election.

Mary West lives near Wrens in Jefferson County now, but back in the late 90's and early 2000's, she was both a State Representative and a State Senator in metro Atlanta.  Later she ran unsuccessfully for State Insurance Commissioner.

marywesttcWest introduced herself to the Toombs County Commission at its September meeting and told us, "I decided to get back in politics because I'm really disappointed at the change in political parties.  Over the course of years, they have become so solidified in their message and it seems their intention is merely to maintain power. In the meantime, they've pulled all the money that counties and local governments, and even states, have access to up to the federal government.

"The only way I can help rural communities is to go to Washington and try to make sure a rural voice is there and have more leverage because independents have more leverage in this kind of environment because they need my vote and I need their help for rural Georgia," she said.

West says she has to get over 6,000 names on a petition in order to get on the ballot in 2018, but says she is undaunted, "In my first race I ran as a Democrat in a 60% Republican district against a popular incumbent. I simply found out who all the voters were, went to see them personally, asked them what they wanted me to do and then communicated with them for the rest of the year.  It took a long time but I simply dedicated myself to it and that's what I'm doing now." 

West told Toombs Commissioners one thing she is hearing from 12th District voters is a need for more user-friendly constituent services.  If elected, she plans to field two mobile vans so her staff can make it easier for citizens to get help cutting government red tape.