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The White House and Democrat leaders in Congress are already sparring over their account of a dinner between President Trump, Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi.  Senate minority leader Schumer's office said in its readout of the meeting that discussion of funding the president's border wall was off the table as the group discussed protection for 800,000 recipients of the DACA program President Trump rescinded last week.  But the White House immediately disputed that account, standing by the President's core campaign promise of building a wall along the US Mexico border. Several prominent conservatives have blasted the president's credibility. 

--Florida Gov. Rick Scott has ordered an investigation into the Hollywood, Florida nursing home where eight people died in sweltering conditions...after Hurricane Irma knocked out air conditioning. Three people were found dead at the facility, Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, and five others died at the hospital.
--  A U.S. Army helicopter landed at a shopping center in Key West Wednesday afternoon to deliver food and water to desperate residents.

A student at Freeman High School near Spokane, Washington went to school Wednesday with multiple guns, and officials say he opened fire on fellow students. One student was killed - three others injured - police say they have the alleged shooter in custody.

Police in Maryland say they've found the body of a pregnant woman missing since Labor Day Weekend - and her boyfriend's been charged in her murder. 31-year-old high school social studies teacher Laura Wallen - who was four months pregnant - was last seen on surveillance video at a grocery store September 2nd.  Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger says investigators discovered her body in a shallow grave Wednesday afternoon about 40 miles west of Baltimore. Hours later, her boyfriend Tyler Tessier was in custody:

Awaiting sentencing on a fraud conviction, former pharmaceutical exec Martin Shkreli was sent to jail after a federal judge revoked his bail. The judge cited his internet post encouraging his social media followers to "grab" Hillary Clinton's hair. Shkreli said he did not intend to threaten and the post was satirical but the judge didn't buy it.

There were dueling health care proposals in DC. Sen. Bernie Sanders says 16 Democrats back his "Medicare for all" single-payer plan. Republicans led by Lindsey Graham propose annual block grants to states.

Sources tell ABC News Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin requested use of a government jet to take him and his wife on their honeymoon this summer, sparking an “inquiry” by The Treasury Department's Office of Inspector General.  Officials familiar with the matter say the highly unusual request for a U.S. Air Force jet would have cost about 25-thousand dollars per hour to operate. A Treasury spokesman says the secretary's office ultimately decided the use of military aircraft was "unnecessary."

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer appeared on ABC"s Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night.  We'll have the highlights.



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