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145924 5day cone no line and windAn official press release has been issued from meteorologist Will Lanxton of the Georgia Emergency Management Agency stating that the current forecast track for Hurricane Irma has the system near the Georgia coast possibly as a major hurricane on the morning of Monday, September 11. Due to the size of the hurricane, tropical storm force winds will likely begin to impact extreme South Georgia late Sunday evening, but could move in as early as Sunday afternoon. The center of Irma still has the potential to move anywhere within the cone of uncertainty, which still includes most of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. A shift in the track of the center of the storm will bring a subsequent shift of the most serious impacts. At this point, however, the chances of significant impacts to coastal and portions of inland Georgia from this hurricane appear increasingly likely.

 Impacts from this system on the current forecast track include:

  • Destructive winds: Hurricane-force sustained wind speeds along the coast and well inland. Tropical storm force sustained winds as far inland as the Metro Atlanta area are possible.
  • Heavy rainfall and inland flooding: 6-10 inches of rainfall in Southeast Georgia, with decreasing amounts to the west.
  • Devastating storm surge: Storm surge values will vary depending on the exact track of the storm. On the eastern side of the center of circulation, storm surge values could reach 10-15 feet. On the western side of the center of circulation, storm surge values will be significantly lower.
  • Additionally, astronomical high tides will be occurring on Monday at approximately 1:30 PM along the Georgia coast. The center of the storm is currently forecast to impact the coast around this time, and the high tide will add several feet of water to those areas. These tides are already about ½ to 1 foot below minor flood level even before any water level rises from storm surge and waves. Large wave action on top of storm surge and tides may result in damage to weakened coastal/beach infrastructure due to Hurricane Matthew. It will not require a direct hit to significantly damage the immediate coastline of Georgia.

As a result, Vidalia City Schools, Vidalia Heritage Academy, Toombs County Schools, have issued statements that school is cancelled Monday. Robert Toombs Christian Academy Assistant Headmaster/Director of Operations Hayne Brant says “RTCA will make a decision no later than Friday at 1pm.”

Treutlen School System expects to have a decision sometime Friday afternoon, once they meet with the Treutlen EMA per Superintendent Cheryl Conley

Toombs County School Closing was confirmed via phone by Superintendent Richard Smith.

Montgomery County Schools has not reached a decision as of this report.

Vidalia City and Vidalia Heritage released emails, they are below.

Based on the information we have at this time regarding the impact of Hurricane Irma on our area, the Vidalia City School System will be closed on Monday, September 11.  At this time, VCS plans to resume classes on Tuesday, September 12.  Classes and extra curricular activities for Friday, September 9 will continue on the normal schedule.

Garrett Wilcox, Ed.D. , Vidalia City Schools


Dear VHA Family,

After getting updates from the Emergency Management Association we believe it is in the best interest of our students, faculty, and extended families that VHA be closed on Monday due to the effects of Hurricane Irma. It is our current plan to reopen on Tuesday morning. However, should that change we will update you as soon as possible via email, text, or FaceBook. 

At this time we will still be playing our middle school football game today at 5:00 pm at our new athletic facility, as well as our varsity football game tomorrow night in Stillmore against DEA.

Please make the necessary arrangements to keep you and your family safe over the next few days.
May the Lord Bless You!

Jeff McCormick, VHA

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