7 24 18 Tucker Copeland

July 24-- The Southeast Georgia Soap Box Derby organization took eight racers and one super kid to Akron, Ohio last week to participate in the First Energy All American Soap Box Derby.  Racers from our area raced against other racers from all over the globe.  All eight racers had good showings and raced multiple rounds all week long.

Cash Driggers placed third in the Rally Stock Challenge. Aidyn Driggers the 2018 Southeast Georgia Local Stock Winner won a first-place spot in the AAA Local Challenge.  On Saturday Aidyn placed second in the All American and a past winner of the Southeast Georgia Soap Box Derby, Cason Hayes came in first place.  This is Cason’s second consecutive All American World Title.

Racers making their way to Akron this year: Taylor Copeland, Tucker Copeland, Aidyn Driggers, Cash Driggers, Cason Hayes, Thayne Hayes, Alexis Head, Alyssa Head, and Super Kid Shauna Hutcheson. 7 24 18 Cars Aidyn7 24 18 Aidyn Driggers

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