July 23—The 13th Annual Paul Anderson Youth Home Bike Ride ended Saturday after traveling over 550 miles in six days to St. Mary’s, St. Simons, Savannah, Augusta, Statesboro and back to the home. Five young men at the home took part in the ride to raise funds, awareness and support for the ministry of hope for troubled young men.

Bike Rider Jonathan said, “It was a great experience for all of us physically, mentally and spiritually. We all made it safe and it changed us. Now we know we can do a lot more than we thought we could do, it was just an amazing experience. We can spread the word about how if we all work together as a team we can do more than we imagined”

Paul Anderson Administrator Kaleb Leonard said, “These young men have worked really hard. We stayed with numerous churches, donors and supporters this week and we couldn’t do this without them. I want to thank all of the people who have done so much for us during this ride. These young men showed their true character this week and that is why we are here. They are good young men and they have a bright future and we are here to give them a second chance.”

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