July 18—Congratuations to 10 year-old local Southeast Georgia Soap Box Derby racer Cash Driggers (Pictured Far Right) who finished in third place Tuesday at the Rally Stock Wheel Swap Challenge in Akron, Ohio. Cash competed against fifty plus racers from all around the world. 7 18 18 Cash Driggers

“I competed against a lot of people and you have to race three people at a time instead of two like we normally do so that was different. I just stayed low and did all I could to come in third place.” Cash Driggers said.

“With this being his first time racing in Akron he started out kind of slow but once he got used to the track he got on a roll. He has worked hard all year in rally races throughout the southeast and has really earned his stripes and I am super proud of him.” Dad Matt Driggers said.

“We also had six racers from the Southeast Georgia competing today and several of them went past the first round and made a good showing. We have the Local Wheel Swap Challenge Race Wednesday and our local Southeast Georgia Soap Box Derby winners Thanye Hayes and my daughter Aidyn Driggers competing for world titles.” Driggers stated.

Friday is the Super Kids Race for kids with special needs and Saturday is the All-American Soap Box Derby World Championship Race.

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