July 17-- 7 17 18 VHS FootballVidalia High School hosted their Annual Indian Football Camp last Thursday and Friday, but this year things were a bit different. Over the past several years the Indians have hosted a 7 on 7 passing camp, but this year they switched it up and hosted a six team padded camp.

The camp this year allowed the Indians and all other teams in attendance to bring their full teams and put the pads on and really get a lot of work done. The schools attending along with VHS were Statesboro, South Effingham, Screven County, Metter and Harlem.7 17 18 VHS Football Camp Chomskis

“I think this has been much better than what we have done in the past. We have done the 7 on 7, but the padded camp really helps us improve as a football team. We can work on all aspects of the game with this type of camp and I really think it was a positive and I believe that all the other schools feel the same way. All the teams came out of the camp injury free, so that was another big positive and we are really looking forward to hosting this again next year” Coach Lee Chomskis said.(Pictured With Campers)

Coach Chomskis along talked about the messages that are giving to the teams each day at lunch. For lunch all the teams head up to the Kid's Bay at the Vidalia First Baptist Church and get a good meal provided by Chick-fil-A and Ameris Bank and while they eat they get a positive message from a speaker. Chomskis said that the messages are what bring these teams back every year. To be able to provide a positive message, that hopefully can influence these young men and to impact their lives. Chomskis added that they certainly want to win games and they want to win for the community, but that their main goal has to be cultivating character and to make better young men.

This year the speakers were former VHS Indian Jermaine Morris who is working with FCA and going to Georgia Southern. On the second day Coach Jeff Kaiser of Statesboro spoke to the teams.

Coach Kaiser said, “I talked to the kids about selfishness. It is a problem on football team, in school, in society and on TV and everywhere today. The message is that the disease of me leads to the defeat of us. It is also important that these guys have to understand that they are part of something and also that our Lord and Savior made the ultimate unselfish sacrifice.

“This camp is also great for getting a lot of work done, and really improving. I am very appreciative of how this camp is run, from Coach Chomskis and his wife and the cheerleaders that always come and help out this is just run so well. We get a lot of work done and we really get better every year here.”

Former VHS Indians, and now the Head Coach at Metter, Rodney Garvin stated, “It is always a first class camp. All the coaches that bring their kids here all have the same values, and we all want to make our kids better and make our teams better. It was great to see Jermaine get up there and speak to all these boys, and I'm excited that he is going to try to come over and help us do some coaching at Metter this year. His message was about passion and purpose and it was a great message.

“I am thankful for Coach Chomskis to invite us over here. We are Region opponents now but we are also great friends, and we will be rooting for each other nine of the 10 weeks of the season. We both want to see the same things for our teams, and it has just been great to come back to Vidalia.”

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